The third message

I dialed the numbers of the voice mail service and once I was connected to the electronic voice, I put my cell phone on speaker phone and started unpacking the bags that I have just put on the kitchen counter. I froze at the third message.

“You know where to meet me. You know what to wear. You know what to do. Be there at 7pm.”

A metallic click ended the message. I knew the day would come that this message would be on my voice mail. I just did not expect it to happen today. Yes, I knew where to meet him. I knew all the details of our meeting. We have discussed this months ago. He had been patient, waiting for the right moment. Right moment? I thought. This is not the right moment. I am not ready. I had to meet him in just over an hour.

Forty-five minutes later I left the house. I had only fifteen minutes to get downtown, where I am supposed to meet him. Thankfully traffic was okay. With three minutes to spare I parked my car and shivered when I looked down the street. Three streetlights illuminated the pavement and the wall of the warehouse. Two women leaned against the wall and a third was walking on the edge of the pavement. Two cars slowly drove by.

I got out of the car and was thankful that the nearest streetlight was too far away for it’s light to reach me. I crossed the street at the darkest possible spot. Once on the other side, I walked toward the other women. My short black dress barely covered my ass. The tops of my stockings were visible around my upper thighs. My stiletto heels click-clacked on the pavement. My nipples brushed against the fabric of the dress, exciting them even more than they were.

The two women leaning against the wall just looked at me the first time I walked by. The second time one of them asked me what I was doing there. The third time they told me to leave their street and find my own. I did not answer them but just walked to the corner of the street as instructed. As I turned on my kneels to walk back to the women, a car stopped next to me. I was relieved to see him behind the steering wheel.


He rolled the car window on my side down. I bent over. My forearms rested on the door. My dress moved up and my bare ass was clearly visible for all to see. This is what he wanted, to show me off to the world. A car stopped behind his.
“What can I do for you, sir?” I asked.
“I want to fuck you,” he answered.
“That will be 100 dollars, sir.”
“Show me what you’ve got.”
I straightened up, glanced at the other car, breathed in deep and pulled the dress over my head.
“Get in,” he said.

Dressed only in stockings and heels I got into the car next to him. Wheels screeched on the tarmac as he drove off, leaving several people staring at the tail lights of the car as it disappeared in the dark. He did not drive far. Twice he turned a corner and then stopped at the entrance of an alley. We got out of the car and walked into the darker part of the alley. Without a word from his side I crouched and undid his pants…

© Rebel’s Notes

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