Consuming Semen

When Sassy suggested this as a prompt for Wicked Wednesday, I was intrigued:

I recently had a friend share the topic of “cooking with cum”.

Do you like the taste of cum? Could you or would you drink a drink that has semen mixed in with it? Perhaps a gin/tonic with a teaspoon of your lover’s cum. Maybe cooking a special cake or entree that uses semen as an ingredient? For the men, do you think you eat a special diet as that you lover fully enjoys the taste of your semen mixed into the meal? They say that semen can be nutritious, what’s your opinion? Would you buy a cookbook about this subject? Any ideas for a new recipe?

Okay, this is not the first time that I have read about food with cum. Actually, the only time I ever read about this was on Molly’s site. I enjoyed Molly’s post, but never stopped to think about it anymore. Until Sassy came up with this prompt. Several thoughts went through my mind. I love sucking Master T and swallowing His semen, but just the thought of Him spilling cum on the floor or somewhere else and me having to lick that up, totally freaks me out. Warm cum, coming directly from His body is okay. Cum that has already ‘cooled down’ … not an attractive idea at all.

semen1Cum in my drink or in my food? No problem. I wondered just how popular it was to use cum in food or drink, so I started searching for more information.

The first thing I came across is the book ‘Natural Harvest: A collection of semen-based recipes’ by Paul “Fotie” Photenhauer. You can either buy this book at Amazon or read it on Scribd. What do you think of using semen in an Irish Coffee with Extra Cream? Or in an appetizer with salmon or oysters? Or maybe you want it with your roasted lamb or in your noodles dish? Or surprise your guests with a special BBQ sauce or an hollandaise sauce. Desert can be chocolate truffles or tiramisu and all of it with that special man juice in it!

But this recipe book is not the only thing I came across. I also came across an article with the heading: Eight things you didn’t know you could do with human sperm. Of course you can read this article yourself, but I want to highlight it over here too. Cooking is number 2 on the list in this article. The first thing on the list is that you can use semen as a skin softener and it even helps with acne. So ladies, maybe it’s time we stop swallowing our men’s cum and just rub it on our faces? It seems to help to diminish wrinkles. Or we might want to use it as an anti-depressant. You don’t even have to swallow it to use it as an anti-depressant. As long as you are directly exposed to it, it will help, so just let your man spurt his cum deep inside you! Maybe semen can even be used for ovulation control or to help with morning sickness. I guess this means that cum is really good for women, right?

Cum can also be used to paint with, or as an invisible ink. Did you know that they discovered the latter in the early 1900’s? The eighth thing on the list is that semen can be used for archival storage of information, since human sperm is a transmitter of DNA. It’s incredible how much information can be stored in a volume of 1.5mg DNA. This last number on the list links to to another article regarding backing up information in DNA, but I will leave it to you to discover.

Was it not for this prompt by Sassy, I would not have searched for more information and I would not have learned the above. I think from now on I am not going to swallow anymore, but just rub Master T’s cum in my face. Oh no wait, I need to swallow too, or otherwise I might get depressed. Nah, I have nothing to be depressed about, so rubbing it on my face it will be. Or shall I just continue to swallow? Decisions, decisions… *grins*

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17 thoughts on “Consuming Semen

  1. I had heard quite a few of those uses before, but I didn’t know about the invisible ink

    The pen is mightier the sword?!

  2. Sorry love I had to dodge this topic a bit. As much as I loved and still enjoy cum it is a bit different in my world now.
    For those who do not know a lot about those who practice magic or its various forms various bodily fluid are used for different types of things. Often used in love potions and cooked in foods to draw a love interest in or closer it gets into an area that I take a sharp left turn away from and say no thank you. It is also used in fertility casts for couples desiring a child. There is a lot of information out there on this if people want to know more.
    Great information in your post, I didn’t know about the invisible ink

  3. One of the reasons I love rubbing it on my breasts (and occasionally my belly) so much is because it how much softer my skin feels afterwards. I’ve always believed in the softening effect!

    I happen to like the taste, at least of the majority of partners. But definitely only when immediate – cold spunk does nothing for me – it’s gluey and the consistency distracts considerably.

    xx Dee

  4. Another one in the warm cum good, cold cum yuck, camp here. I like to swallow but only when the mood is right. I think it depends on so many things and the individual you are with at the time. Cooking with it does not appeal, but there is something inherently naughty in that thought that does make my thighs tingle just a little.

  5. LOL. I see you found the same articles I did.
    There is so much out there about this concept. That was the main reason why I suggested it. I am always one for looking out for information that people don’t hear about everyday or they might have read or heard about it. Then forgot all about it. Who knows someone out there might try something this & finds that they are truly into it. Thanks for sharing my prompt. 🙂

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  7. I made quite a few people upset on twitter once when I declared anyone who says they LOVE the taste of cum is lying. Do I swallow? Yes. Do I love the taste of cum? no. It is what it is. Do I love cum? Yes. I can love it and everything it stands for without loving how it tastes. Like Kayla, the second it starts to cool off, it makes me gag. So lets say a guy masturbates and squirts it all over the place and says I need to lick it up, I’ll probably gag just because it’s gone cold. Thinking about having to drink it out of a shot glass also makes me gag, but swallowing it upon the moment of ejaculation, no problem.

    1. Cold cum, no! Warm cum, directly in my mouth, yes. Do I like the taste? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I think that each woman has her own preferences 🙂

  8. I’ve heard of cooking with cum, but have never made the effort to research about it.. but it doesn’t particularly attract me. I really like cum. HOT cum. As soon as it cools down (which is way too soon) it’s.. yuck.

    However, I DO use sperm on my face! I have combination skin and sometimes some acne and some scarring as well. Every now and again (we want to do it more frequent) Sir comes on my face and rubs his sperm in. I then leave it on for a little while and rinse it off under the shower. It makes my skin soft, smooth and glowing.. seriously, you’ve got to try it!

    1. The thought of sperm on my face intrigues me, but freaks me out at the same time. But if you say it helps with acne and scarring…

  9. I can’t stand cold cum. I tried to be sexy and lick up a missed drop from my Daddy’s pelvis one day and nearly gagged because of the feel and taste of it once it started to cool. Ugh. So the idea of it being in my food is a total turn off. But it’s an intriguing idea.

    1. Master T once made the remark that He was going to cum on my body and I had to make sure every drop is removed and disappears in my mouth. Just the thought of it made me gag and almost with tears in my eyes I begged not to have to do it. Thankfully He understood…

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