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For the rest of this month, my blog will most probably be a mess. New posts will appear, but sparsely so. I will mainly be participating in Sinful Sunday and Wicked Wednesday, there will be one more post about my erotic massage date and there might be one or two other posts, but other than that, nothing new will appear before January.

The reason for all this is that I want to slightly re-design my blog. I did not want to do this until Rori’s Top Sex Bloggers list for 2013 was published, as I did not want the website to be a mess when they visited it to judge it for the list. Now that the list has been published, I am ready to re-design.

Why re-design?
I want to (try to) give my website a more professional look, for as far as that is possible with a website that contains words about sex and erotic images. One thing that will not disappear is my background image. That has more or less become my trademark and it will stay. I want to lose the two different navigation bars and have only one. This means I have to combine some subjects into one menu. I want to change the font in my navigation bar and I might also change the color of my text and maybe even the background color. I am contemplating having more than one sidebar, but I am not sure yet.

Some changes might be big, some changes might not be and some might not even be noticed. I have an idea in my mind of what I want to do. Some of those might be possible to implement, others might not be possible at all. Only time will tell. Just bear with me while I change some things. The website will be back to full service no later than January, but knowing me, it might be long before that.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for returning to read more…

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