To be used…

“I want to shoot my load in you.”

I looked at Master T in surprise. He rarely talks like this, but that was not the only reason why I was surprised. Just moments before He asked me whether I was tired and I admitted that I actually was. And another reason for my surprise: he was going to use me and I just love it when Master T uses me for His sole pleasure. These thoughts raced through my mind as I looked at Him and before I can say anything, He spoke again.

Ready to be used…
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“Which hole shall I use?”
“One where I don’t have to make a lot of effort,” I answered before I really thought about the words. I realized what I have said and tried to backtrack a bit.
“But it’s for you to decide, of course.”
“Get on your knees,” He said as He started to get out of bed.
I knew exactly what He meant. I rolled out of bed on was on my knees next to the bed, waiting for Him. My ass was up in the air, my legs spread, my body close to the floor as I leaned on my elbows. This position always makes me feel like an object, ready to be used. I was exposed to Him. My pussy lips opened, inviting Him in. I was wet, very wet.

He gripped my hips and pulled me towards Him. I guided Him into me and moaned as He filled me. He started slow, but only for a couple of thrusts. Master T pulled out of me almost entirely and them slammed His cock back in. I moaned loudly and pushed back against Him, spreading myself for Him even more. He pulled out again and again He pushed in hard. Again and again. This was not about my pleasure, but about His.

He changed His pace again, fucking me at a steady pace. I felt my orgasm building. I hoped that He would keep on fucking me at this pace for me to reach my climax, but deep down I knew the chances of that were very slim.

His fingers dug into the curves of my hips as He pulled me onto His cock. Again Master T has changed His rhythm. He was banging into me, pulling out and pushing hard as he entered me again. He fills me entirely, making me gasp every time as the tip of His cock touched something sensitive inside me. The closer His orgasm got, the harder He gripped my hips and the harder he slammed into me. My orgasm was hovering on the brink, needing just a bit more of the friction to be a fact.

My sensitive insides registered the swelling of His cock just before He spurted His cum deep inside my hole. The pulsating of His cock teased my waiting orgasm, but not enough for it to happen. Master T relaxed His grip on my hips as the last drops of His cum spilled into my cunt. He pulled out of me and told me to get back into bed. I stayed on my knees for a couple of seconds more, pushing my legs together and trying to push my orgasm away.

With my head resting on His shoulder, His arm around me, I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face: He used me to satisfy Himself. This made me happy.

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  2. Even without the release of an orgasm you were satisfied and happy. To me that shows how your submissiveness grows as you are happy that he has used you for his own pleasure even though you did not achieve orgasm.

    ~Mia~ xx

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