A task master

Unlike any of my other posts, this post has been read by Master T and He approved it for posting.

We were having a deep conversation about different kinds of relationships and how our relationship has developed over the last couple of years, ever since we have started our D/s commitment. We talked about different encounters we have had – from bad to very, very good – and different encounters we are looking forward to. We talked about things we would still like to do or things we would like to be repeated, to experience again. I mentioned how much I enjoyed the tasks M has set me, but that I actually missed being tasked by someone else than Master T.

Of course He wanted to know why I miss it. I had to think about it for a while. Why would I want anyone else than Master T to set me tasks? I had to confess that I actually did not have an answer to that.

I started rambling…

I prefer to have tasks set by Master T, but at the moment He is concentrating more on training me in different ways and at the same time concentrating on expanding our circle of friends. I tend to think about sex many times a day (okay, okay, I think about sex almost constantly) and sometimes during a working day I wish I had a task to concentrate on. I do not want to constantly bug Master T for a task, because I feel like a whining child and I know my training is more important to Him than the occasional task. However, at the same time I sometimes crave a task and then I end up in a viscous circle:not wanting to ask, but wanting a task. I feel that if I have someone outside of Master T who would be allowed to task me, that craving will be fulfilled. Of course, I was quick to say, Master T will be the one who discusses whatever tasks I receive with whoever is allowed to task me, as He knows my and our hard limits. I also confessed that I wished M could constantly task me, because he has known me for years, but his job keeps him occupied and not in the position to task me.

Master T listened to my ramblings and when I finally stopped talking, He was quiet for some time. It was clear that He was thinking about what I have said. I started to say that I can definitely live without a task master, that I am quite happy to just concentrate on my training and to do tasks Master T occasionally sets me one. It was not that I was unhappy, not at all. I was just curious. He silenced me.

bdsm-emblem“It’s an interesting idea,” He said.
I kept quiet.
“I like the idea of another man giving you tasks, challenging you.”
I still did not speak. I though I heard a ‘but’ at the end of the sentence. It was quiet for a while.
“I liked it when M tasked you.”
He emphasized M. I just watched Him. His voice did not betray His feelings. I full expected Master T to say that I should put the idea out of my head and concentrate on my training. While waiting for Him to speak, I totally dismissed the idea of having a task master. It was not going to happen. M is a different story though. I knew I would just have to wait for M to have time again.

“Go for it. See if you can find a task master. And if I say task master, it should be someone who only tasks you. Anyone who’s interested can get in contact me. I will review the requests and decide who will be your task master. Or masters. And they can check about your hard limits with me.”

I did not know what to say. I have not expected this to be the result of our conversation. I was just thinking out loud, not really expecting anything like this. Like I said, M is a different story. It feels natural to accept tasks from him. Suddenly I felt shy and unsure. Will I be able to execute tasks someone else gives me? Maybe someone I have never met in real life? Or someone I just don’t know the way I know Master T or M?

You know, I am a bit ‘scared’ but at the same time the entire idea excites me. I would not want a task every day, maybe not even every week, but maybe once a month would work. Then again… it’s not for me to decide… eventually Master T will decide. Not only on the frequency, but also about who will become my task master…

So, anyone out there who wants to contact Master T? Take His Twitter name, put that before the @ and add ‘gmail (dot) com after it…

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8 thoughts on “A task master

  1. I love the sound of this, and so happy for you that he agreed! I did wonder myself if a task mistress was permitted.

  2. You guys have one of the most beautiful relationships I’ve ever read about. I enjoy reading about it all the time.

  3. Oh this is going to be interesting! Would you consider an occasional female Task Master?

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. I have never had a female dominate me and it would be interesting to experience it, so yes, I would definitely consider an occasional female Task Master. Although Master T is the one who decides, of course 🙂

      Rebel xox

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