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A month or two, maybe three ago, I saw a retweet of a blog link. It was a link that had something to do with BDSM gear. This of course is not remarkable, but what was remarkable was the extension of the link. It was ‘dot co dot za’. Huh? I thought. An online BDSM store in South Africa? In conservative South Africa? Of course I just had to click the link and I was so surprise.

There it was, an online South African based BDSM store. I was impressed, not only because of the location of the website, but also because of the beauty and professional look of it. I engaged in a conversation with the female part that runs the website and learned that she was Dutch and now lived in South Africa. As if she and I have swapped places…

Bedroom BondageThe website I am talking about is Bedroom Bondage. You can read more about them on their website. The reason for this post is the special giveaway they are hosting at this moment. There are many websites out there that host giveaways and this is the fist time that I have blogged about it. Why? Honestly? Because it’s one of the ways to earn points for the giveaway. At first I actually decided against blogging about it. However, as I frequently tweeted the link about the giveaway, I was reminded at just how special this giveaway is.

Why is it special? Because Noëlle has chosen for it not only to be a big giveaway of gear worth $2000 to celebrate the first year of Bedroom Bondage, but also to raise money for a very special charity. The charity is the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). Just take a look at the giveaway and read what RAINN does. It’s a good charity that helps rape victims and has a free, anonymous 24/7 online hotline.

Like Noëlle says:

Please take a moment, and think about the fact that we enjoy involving ourselves in rough sex, bondage, whipping and so forth.. because we choose to do so. The women and men who have to seek RAINN’s help did not have a choice. And how often have you heard the words “BDSM” and “abuse” in one sentence? My point is.. let’s show we kinksters are against non-consensual sexual violence!

So while you’re on the page to read more about the giveaway, why don’t you participate in it and at the same time consider to donate a small amount (or big if you want to) towards RAINN? The giveaway closes on 30 November 2013, so you have one more week to participate. Rush over and do!

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