Posture training (week 2 & 3)

Continued from… Posture training (the start)

After discussing it with Master T, another minute was added to the time I would hold the submissive position I am training to hold for some time. Yes, Master T and I DO discuss things and He DOES take my opinion into consideration, but He is always the one making the final decision. For the second week I would be holding the position for 6 minutes, instead of the 5 minutes in the first week.

But, what position exactly am I holding? There are different kinds of submissive positions, but the most known is the Gorean slave positions. I do not consider myself a slave, but I do find the positions intriguing. Not all of them though, but some of them are really great. The position I am holding is called the Bracelet position even though I bend my head in submission. The Nadu or Kneeling position is the same, except that the hands are then on the thighs, palms facing up.

The position I am practicing is important to me. It shows Master T that I am available for Him, that my hands are behind my back because I accept everything He does to me. My head is bowed in respect. When I am not wearing a collar it is easier to bow my head, but should I wear a collar I will always keep my eyes down. It is up to Master T to decide for how long I have to hold the position and this is the exact reason why we are practicing this position every evening, without any exceptions.

Week 2
Day 1: I held the position for 6 minutes. It did not feel longer than the five minutes and while in the position, I felt both my legs and ankles.
Day 2: This was a bad evening for me as I had a mini breakdown, which left me with severe vertigo. I did not ask to be excused from my training, but found it a bit harder to keep my position for the full 6 minutes. Still, I did it.
Day 3, 4 & 5: Another 6 minutes on each of these days and on both days I started shifting on my legs in the last minute.
Day 6: A difficult 6 minutes as my mind was occupied with some difficult moments happening in the house. My mother heart wanted to do something about it, even though I knew that Master T was right that I just had to let it happen. For 6 minutes I sat still and chanted in my head: let it stop, let it stop, let it stop… and by that I did not mean the 6 minutes.
Day 7: We arrived home from a date after midnight and I was still wearing the dress I had on for the date and my stockings when I did my training in the sitting room, sitting at Master T’s feet.


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Week 3
Day 1: Another minutes was added to the training. I held the position for 7 minutes. It was difficult, but I did it and at the same time realized that 10 minutes will eventually be the maximum time I will be able to sit like this. Master T and I already discussed different positions too.
Day 2: Another difficult 7 minutes.
Day 3: My right foot hurt a lot the moment I took my position and I shifted several times to get more comfortable. I made a remark about my foot and Master T immediately silenced me. It took quite some self control to sit for the full 7 minutes.
Day 4: My right foot hurt a lot again, but yet again I sat for the full 7 minutes.
Day 5: The pain in my right foot was less than the two previous nights, something I was quite grateful for.
Day 6: I fell asleep on the couch and normally when I do, all I want when we go to bed is to go back to sleep. But Master T had said in the beginning of this training that there will be no exceptions. No matter how tired I was, I had to sit for the 7 minutes. I did, twice almost falling asleep while sitting with my head bowed.
Day 7: I did my training in the living room shortly after we returned home from a very nice evening out.

After this third week of my posture training, I was worried about my right ankle, but not enough to stop with the training. During the day at work and in the evening on the couch I stretched my legs and ankles to try and strengthen the muscles in them. I hope this eventually has some effect, as I really want to be able to manage this position for at least 10 minutes.

On to week 4 it is!
Oh, and just so you know, Master T posts a daily training pic on Twitter and sometimes even a pre- and post training pic. Follow Him there if you don’t want to miss any of the pics.

To be continued…. Posture training (week 4 to 6)

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