Posture training (the start)

I was doing my normal Sinful Sunday rounds when I came across the post of Rose. It was called ‘Waiting for Master‘ and it captured my attention in such a way that all I could do is stare at the photo for some time. It’s beautiful. The hands behind her back, her straight back and shoulders, her spread legs. I just had to show Master T the image and as I did, I told Him how much I want to get used to sitting in this position for longer periods of time.

In the week prior to seeing this image I have tried to sit like this, while waiting for Master T to enter the bedroom, but I could not hold the position. One of the main reasons is that I was wearing heels, because I was also wearing my collar. It’s just not possible to sit like this when wearing heels. Another reason is that my legs are just not used to sitting like this anymore. I am not young and flexible anymore, but that does not mean that I do not want to train myself to get used to this position. I think this is the most beautiful, most submissive position in which I can present myself to Mynheer.

I showed Master T the photo and I mentioned my desire to be able to maintain this position for a longer period. We discussed it a bit and then Master T said: “Your training for this will start today.”
I was surprised, but at the same time I was pleased. I wanted nothing more than to comfortably be in this position for as long as Master T prefers.

Hence my training started…

Week 1
Day 1 (Sunday): I took my position, set the timer on my phone to 5 minutes and waited. Feel the burning sensation in my feet. Master T makes photos. I am told to straighten my back. Five minutes are over before I know.

Day 2 (Monday): My right ankle immediately started aching once I had taken my position, but I was determined to sit for the full 5 minutes, and I did. I decided that I would look into leg exercises the next day and also will concentrate on stretching my ankles a couple of times during the day, while at work.

Day 3 (Tuesday): During the day I concentrated on stretching my legs, stretching my ankles and in the evening before we went to bed, I constantly stretched my legs too. I managed to sit for the full 5 minutes again, yet again feeling my right ankle more than my left.

Day 4 (Wednesday): Another day with some stretch exercises. Before we went upstairs, I stretched my legs a couple and I even stood on my toes to stretch my ankles. Again I managed the full 5 minutes, but just like the evening before my right ankle bugged me,

Day 5 (Thursday): Lots of stretching exercises during the day and the evening and by the time we went upstairs and it was time for my training, I was ready for it. This time I did not feel my right ankle, but a sudden pain shot through my left ankle and I had to change my position slightly.

Earlier this evening I have spoken to Master T about the length of time I would be able to sit in this position. At first, before my training started, Master T wanted me to be able to hold it for an hour. But we both know that might probably never be possible. However, we realize that a maximum of 15 minutes might be a better maximum. Master T told me to find another position to sit in for when I have to sit for longer periods of time. I already had something in mind, but first had to try it to see whether it’s comfortable or not. And for now… I just continue my training.

Day 6 (Friday): It was in the wee hours of Saturday morning that Master T suggested I do my posture training downstairs. Master T said as long as I took my pants off, I could keep my T-shirt on and I did not have to wear my stockings. I sat at His feet, my back turned to Him and only once did I move because my legs started to hurt a bit.

Day 7 (Saturday): It was after midnight again when I asked Master T whether I could do my posture training downstairs, instead of waiting until we decided to go upstairs. He granted me permission, yet again telling me that I should be naked except for the sweater I was wearing. Just like the previous night, I only once had to adjust my position to ease the slight pain in my legs.

Day 7 concluded the first week of my posture training, where I had to kneel, sit back on my calves with my legs spread, my arms behind my back and hold the position for 5 minutes. It was up to Master T to decide how long I would have to maintain this position for the second week. I was proud of myself for what I have achieved in the first week. Sitting in the same position for 5 minutes is not without pain and discomfort, but I do believe that the longer I practice this, the better I will get. And even though I am proud of myself, what is more important is that Master T is proud of me too!

To be continued… Posture training (week 2 & 3)

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6 thoughts on “Posture training (the start)

  1. Oh I admire your efforts so much. The commitment to this. I have a posture collar and that’s about as far as I get. 🙂 I have long legs and my knees hurt in a few few minutes in that position, but I love the look of it. So classic.

    1. Thank you. Even though some nights are really hard, I am enjoying this training. It seems that no matter how many exercises I do during the day, my ankles might still hurt at night, when I sit like this.

  2. I love your post. My Master has tried in past to have me kneel and if for any length of time, my ankles kill me. I am inspired by your post to want to look at it like a goal, like an exercise. I will ask to follow your example. Ty

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