Orgasm Punishment

“Oh, I have to tell you something,” I said. Master T and I were having a conversation and as always, our conversations went from normal day to day things to kink to kids and back to kink.
“What have you done?” Master T asked and I realized that the tone of my voice must have warned Him that I had something to confess.
“I have crossed my legs.”
“While you were wearing a skirt?”

I was not looking at Him anymore.
“This disappoints me greatly,” He said.
At that moment a nervous giggle bubbled up from inside, but I managed to suppress it.
“When did you do it?” Master T asked.
“At work. And sometimes here at on the couch, before you came home in the afternoon.”
“I don’t know,” I said.
It was quiet for a while.
“Maybe because I just don’t think about it at that moment,” I continued.
“When you are wearing a skirt I want you to be aware at all times that you are not allowed to cross your legs,” Master T said.
“Yes, Mynheer.”
“You will be punished. And after your punishment, you will never cross your legs again when wearing a skirt.”
“Yes, Mynheer.”

I actually thought that Master T had forgotten about the punishment as three weeks passed by without Him saying anything about it. I was wrong…

“For the next four weeks, starting on Monday, you will go to the ladies at your work, masturbate and climax once,” Master T said one Friday evening.
I just looked at Him, trying to process His words.
“This is your punishment for crossing your legs when you are not allowed to,” He continued.
My brain seemed to have difficulty processing the punishment. Why would He punish me with something I like to do? Masturbating in the ladies room at my work every day and even being allowed to have an orgasm sounded like bliss.

“And I want you to tweet it every day,” He smiled.
I nodded, acknowledging that I would tweet it, but my mind was still processing. There must be a catch. Why did He call this a punishment? Then I thought about what happened that afternoon. I sent Him an email that I was feeling a bit horny. He told me to go to the ladies and masturbate. Back at my desk I realized that I was hornier than before I started. This memory suddenly made everything clear. The four weeks ahead did not seem like it would be fun anymore… I was afraid it might be torture!

Week 1
Day 1: A difficult day. I masturbated and climaxed, but my head was not in the game. I was in a bad mood and this kept me from enjoying my orgasm.
Day 2: I almost forgot about my punishment, but thankfully remembered just in time. The orgasm was nice, but not spectacular.
Day 3: I had my orgasm during lunchtime and felt horny after it. Thankfully the afternoon got very busy and I could forget about my horny feelings.
Day 4: Another orgasm during lunchtime. The afternoon was so busy, I did not even think of my orgasm anymore.
Day 5: Yet again I almost forgot about my punishment. This time I took my phone with me, because I wanted to make a video of what I was doing in the ladies. I had my phone tucked in the back of my skirt, with a cardigan hanging over it. Unfortunately the movie was just too short to use. My afternoon was yet again very busy and my horny feelings soon disappeared.

Week 2
Day 1: Thankfully I did not forget about my orgasm. I was horny all morning due to discussing an upcoming date with both Hubby and the man we were having the date with. The afternoon was a horny one.
Day 2: Luckily, even though this was a day from hell, I did not forget about my orgasm. It was quite a strong one, but quickly forgotten because I had to rush to the next meeting.
Day 3 & 4: Both these days were the same as day 2. Hellish day in which I soon forgot about the orgasms I had.
Day 5: This day’s orgasm was a very enjoyable one and one that left me horny for the rest of the afternoon. Many times I pressed my legs together, trying to get the horniness to subside, but I was not very successful.

Week 3
Day 1: Thankfully I did not forget about the orgasm, even though there was a weekend in between!
Day 2: This was a very difficult day to do my punishment orgasm as I had an alarming call from my mom and had to go home to assist her. Still, I quickly had my orgasm before I left work to go to her.
Day 3: Another quick orgasm during lunchtime. Thankfully this did not leave me horny. Having an orgasm every lunchtime is becoming a drag and I am afraid the day I forget about them is drawing nearer.
Day 4: I almost forgot about my orgasm. I had already started working after lunchtime when I suddenly thought about it. I quickly went to the ladies, had my orgasm and reported back to Master T via email.
Day 5: Another quick orgasm during lunchtime.

A lunchtime orgasm
A lunchtime orgasm

The punishment for the fourth week was over before I knew it. In my mind I was getting ready for a kinky date on the Friday afternoon (unfortunately the date had to be canceled). I was off from work on Friday, which meant that the Thursday was the last day of this punishment.

Ever since this punishment started, I was very aware of the fact that I should not cross my legs. This was not a hard punishment, but it became an irritating factor to remember that I should have a lunchtime orgasm. And each time I was in the ladies, working towards my orgasm, I wondered what the ladies thought of me staying away so long. Concentrating on remembering my lunchtime orgasm made me feel uncomfortable. I hope that as this punishment becomes a memory, I will still remember not to cross my legs. If not, the punishment will be a lot worse than this one was.

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