My nipples

I have written about my pussy and I have written about my clitoris. This week I will write about my nipples, because that is what the Wicked Wednesday prompt is about.

To write about my nipples I have to write about my breasts too. I love my breasts. I love that even though I am approaching 50 (yes, seriously… in a couple of years I will be 50) they are still firm and I am still not able to trap a pencil between my breasts and my body when standing upright. This also means I can easily go without a bra and no one will notice. They are a handful each, which is just the right size, in my opinion. One of my breasts – the one on the right – has been damaged a bit after a dermatologist found it necessary to remove some moles. It did not heal as well as it should have, which left me with some scars there. Around my other breast I have a beautiful tattoo, which I love.

The cherry on each of my breasts of course are my nipples. Those are well formed too and when I am excited, they grow larger and firmer. I love my nipples. I love to play with them. Sometimes, when I sit at the breakfast table, reading, I twist and turn my nipples softly between my fingers. It’s lovely to feel them grown between my fingers. My right nipple is slightly smaller than the left one.

When my nipples are touched softly, I hardly feel something. They are not that sensitive. I like a firm hold on them and preferably to have them twisted and turned, to have them hurt. By accident I found out that I can climax when my nipples are pinched and twisted and turned for some time. It’s not like they can just be pinched a couple of times and then I climax. Oh no! It has to be build up. Soft but firm touches. Some twists and then back to soft and firm touches. More twisting and pinching. Soft and firm touches again. Of course the pinching and twisting should increase in intensity, but it should be alternated with the firm touches, the more gentle touches. Building it up like this will eventually get me so horny, that I can climax without having my pussy touched. I had never thought this to be possible, until it happened.

Nipple peeking out
(click to enlarge)

My nipples are decorated almost every day. One of my standing orders is to wear my nipple charms every day, but to every rule there always is an exception. This rule is no different. When I am not wearing a bra (like on Sundays or when it is expected of me to leave my underwear in the drawers) I am also allowed to leave my charms off. This is because I have noticed that the charms seem to move a lot more when I am not wearing a bra. I love to wear my charms, because it accentuates my nipples and that means I love my nipples even more.

There are times, however, when I do not love my nipples and do not want them touched either. Those are the time when my hormones play up. Thankfully that doesn’t happen frequently, but once every couple of months my nipples are literally swollen and hurt so much. They are too swollen for me to wear charms and even in a padded bra, brushing against them hurts like hell. This lasts for about two weeks and then they are back to normal, and of course all of this happens because of hormone changes in my body… probably that thing called menopause.

Except for the occasional two weeks of discomfort, I love my nipples, love to have them touched and love to have them hurt.

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10 thoughts on “My nipples

    1. Ugh indeed! It’s been bugging me a lot this last month… but will get through it 🙂
      I love to learn more about others too.

  1. I also can climax through my nipples, and just like you, it needs to be a firm and almost painful pressure.
    Although I do like my nipples on every occasion.
    I also like to come to your page and see the glimpse of nipple and charm.

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