A ginger task

He stood in the kitchen at the back door, looking out over the garden and the street beyond. I walked into the kitchen and stood behind Him. He looked up at the sky and spoke.
“You are going shopping for ginger tomorrow.”
“I am?” I said in surprise.
“Yes, you are. You will cut a plug from it and you will wear the plug for part of a day. While you have the plug in, I will frequently check your cunt to see what effect it has on you.”
While He spoke I was leaning with my head against His back and my smile got increasingly bigger.
“I will do it.”
“Of course you will. I have read about your first figging experience. The next one I want to experience first hand.”

That evening and the following day, before and after I bought a piece of ginger root, He teased me. Time and again He said: “I don’t know why, but I would love a piece of ginger now.”

My task had to be executed on Saturday, but since the kids were around and stayed around until very late, Master T postponed the task until Sunday. I had to cut the ginger at 7.30pm and have it in by 8pm. I would have to keep it in until as close to bedtime as possible and would have to let Him feel my wetness frequently during that time.

Just before I went upstairs, Master T felt how wet I was. I was pretty wet already, probably because of the anticipation of executing my task. I went upstairs to cut the ginger. I cut the best part of the ginger root into a butt plug and was instantly worried that it was too big. I toned it down a bit, but still was worried. However, I decided to try it anyway. Wrong! I should have listened to my instincts. Apparently I tore some skin when I tried to push it in. I saw some blood on it and realized I should cut something smaller. There was one other piece I could use. A thing piece. I quickly prepared it and pushed it in. Agony. Pure, pure agony. Much worse than it was the first time I tried figging and I knew exactly why. The broken skin!

Disappointed I went downstairs to tell Master T that I have failed. I explained to Him what happened and He had to laugh. My ass was on fire, literally. He wanted to feel whether I was wetter than before I went upstairs. I was. A lot. I smiled at the approval in His voice, but still felt the disappointment. The intense burning feeling stayed with me for at least half an hour and about an hour later I could still faintly feel the effect of the ginger.

One lesson I learned was that it’s not about the size of the ginger, but about the effect. I had to buy a new piece and later in the week, when I was healed, I had a second chance to execute the task.

Four days later I bought another piece of ginger root. This time I made sure that it’s a bigger piece and that I could cut more pieces from it. Unfortunately we entered a very busy time until the last weekend of September Master T set an ultimatum. It was time to use the ginger.

After dinner and once the kids have retreated from the living room to do their own thing, I went upstairs to cut and peel the ginger. It had been in the bedroom for about five weeks. While peeling it, I took one of the thin pieces that came off and put it against my clitoris. I don’t know whether ginger root ‘ripens’ more when you leave it for a while, but it did seem to have quite an immediate effect against my clitoris, as opposed to the first time I tried figging. My clitoris seemed to be warming up and I felt myself getting wetter.

Soon the plug piece of the ginger was ready. I lay down on the bed, pushed it in, got dressed and rushed downstairs. Master T had already determined how wet I was before I went upstairs, but when He pushed a finger inside me once I was back downstairs, the wetness had increased a lot. He slipped a finger deep into my wetness and soon I was asking for permission to climax. More orgasms followed. I pulled my top up. I needed my breasts exposed. Master T leaned in and closed His mouth around my nipple, nibbling on it and occasionally biting down a bit harder. This caused me to climax again. And again.

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My horny feelings seemed to increase by the second. The more I climaxed, the more I clenched my buttocks. The more I clenched my buttocks, the more I felt the burning sensation caused by the ginger. The more I felt the burning sensation, the hornier I became. The hornier I became, the more I climaxed. My vision was clouded. I was in a frenzy. I wanted more. Master T’s fingers were all over the place, or rather deep inside me. My body was arched, my hips thrust forward. I moved my hand down and touched my clitoris. While Master T finger-fucked me, I frigged my clitoris. My reward was just around the corner. A huge orgasm caused my knees to weaken. Master T caught me and helped me stand, but He was not done yet. His fingers reached for my clitoris. I groaned loudly, partly because of the intense feeling and partly because a second orgasm engulfed me.

“It won’t be long before you use ginger again. I like the effect that the combination of pleasure and pain has on you,” Master T said before sending me upstairs to take the ginger out. I have succeeded in my ginger task… at last!

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