Erotic massage date (2)

Continued from… Erotic massage date (1)

I woke up feeling very relaxed and in a way, ready for our date. I was much less nervous that I thought I would be, and this made me quite happy. Halfway through the afternoon we were ready to leave. I was wearing a black dress, black stockings and black heels. Nothing more. These were Master T’s orders. With the stockings I found a couple of months ago, I do not need to wear a garter belt anymore and neither do I have to worry whether the stockings would slip from my thighs. Really, these stockings just stay and I feel quite confident when wearing them. But, I am digressing.

On our way to the hotel, Master B continued the mindfuck he started the day before, telling me that it was all up to me how the evening would go. I felt a twinge of nerves in the pit of my stomach when I read his words “Moment of truth soon for you” and “Tonight is all about letting go of your fears”. However, there was a very nice moment too, when I tweeted a picture of what I was wearing and Master B replied “That view makes me happy.”

We arrived at the hotel just after 5pm. We entered the hotel and then Master T sent Master B a message that we were waiting in the lobby. The lobby of the hotel was really stunning and once we were up in the bedroom, we were quite impressed with the size of the room. The moment I walked in I saw the different implements on the desk in the room: a flogger, a whip, nipple clamps, a dildo, a but plug and probably more things I cannot remember now. I also saw that there was a sheet on the bed and the bottles of massage oil was on the desk too. We put our things down and then went downstairs to the restaurant, to have dinner. During dinner the men constantly returned the conversation to my upcoming performance and whether I would be good enough to earn me the massage. It kept me on the edge, but not to the point where I could not handle the nerves.

Back in the bedroom it was time for me to lose the dress. I hesitated for a couple of seconds, building up the courage to just pull the dress over my head. I was a bit shy of being naked in front of Master B, but I knew I could not hesitate too long as Master T would otherwise punish me.
“Go present yourself to Master B,” Master T said when I stood next to Him wearing only my stockings and heels.
I walked over to where Master B was sitting in one of the recliners, bowed my head to look at the floor and held my hands on my thighs.
“Look at me,” Master B said and when I did, he told me that I knew what I am supposed to do.

Being corrected while I am doing the prescribed exercises
Being corrected while I am doing the prescribed exercises

I walked to the wide open space between the bed and the desk and lay down on my back, my legs spread wide. I softly ran my hands over my inner thighs, down to my crotch and carefully avoided touching my pussy. My hands came together on my mons, moving upwards towards my breasts and touching the underside of my breast before I put my hands on my thighs again. I did this a couple of times when I heard one of the men move.
“Open your eyes and look at me,” Master B said as he towered above me.
I smiled.
“You are not doing the exercise right,” he said, “move your hands in one flowing movement from your thighs to under your breasts. Do not touch your nipples but do not be afraid to touch your breasts.”
I did it once more, keeping my eyes on him. He moved to my head and stood over me. He bent down, grabbed my hands and firmly pressed them down on my flesh, showing me how he wanted me to touch myself. The couple of times I did it after that he only had to correct me once, telling me to push my breasts up. In between me touching my thighs, he hit me with the crop because he had to correct me.

“Stand up,” Master B said.
I stood up and looked at him.
“It’s such a pity I had to correct you. You do understand that you have to be punished?”
I nodded and watched as he got the clover clamps from the desk. He attached them to my nipples and put the chain in my mouth. Then I had to turn around, bend forward and do the next exercise while the two men stood behind me and watched. I kept my balance on my shoes, but after a while my legs became tired and I stumbled forward. Master B was quick to catch me up. Once I was standing steady, both the men sat down in the recliners again.
“What shall we do with her?” Master T asked Master B.
“I am not happy that I had to correct her. I don’t know if she deserves the massage,” Master B answered.
It was decided that I should get on my knees and kindly ask Master B if He would be willing to massage me. I quickly obeyed and was relieved when he told me to take my stockings and shoes off and stand at the bottom end of the bed. Yes! The massage was about to happen.

To be continued… Erotic massage date (3)

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