Covered in cum

I get cold sores. I hate them, but there is nothing to be done about it. I get them. I have the stupid virus in my blood and once in a while, one of those things appear on my lip. Mostly they appear after I had a cold or a slight fever, but this time it appeared during an extremely stressful week at work. I always start with treatment immediately and mostly it is gone within a week. And, whenever I have a cold sore, I will never engage in oral sex.

Three days before I declared the sore gone, Master T stood in front of me. I was laying on my back, on the bed, looking up at Him.
“Sit up,” He said and I did.
“You know what to do,” He said.
Yes, I knew what He wanted me to do, but this was the on time I was going to disobey His orders.
“I cannot suck you, Mynheer,” I said.
He immediately realized that He had forgotten about the thing on my lip. It was still there, even though it could not be seen anymore.

“Then I will just cum on you,” He said.
I just looked up at Him. So many thoughts were racing through my mind. This is not a hard limit of mine, but I have always had a problem with cum on my body. Not only cum though. I hate spilling food on myself or just ‘getting dirty’. I don’t think I will enjoy having chocolate or whipped cream smeared all over my body, because I will constantly think about how dirty I am. But then again, going to the wellness center and having a massage where they use chocolate, I enjoy it.
“What’s wrong,” Master T asked.
“Nothing’s wrong,” I answered.
“Then you know what you have to do,” He said.
“What you want, Mynheer,” I answered as my hand closed around His cock.

I started moving my hand up and down His shaft, watching my own movements. Eventually I closed my eyes and just felt my movements. Up and down and around. I wanted to make it enjoyable for Him since I could not suck Him. I alternated my hands, trying to give Him different sensations. Apparently whatever I was doing was working. I heard His grunt and then felt the first spurt of His cum land on my breast. Then more landed on my legs and between my legs.

cum on stomach

When He was done, I sat very still. My eyes were still closed. I did not want to look. This was not the first time He had cum on me. I think He did it twice before, but somehow back then I was prepared or maybe in a different mindset. This time I reacted quite negative to it. Master T got out a handkerchief and started cleaning His cum off me. I still did not move. I did open my eyes though and looked down at my legs where Master T was just cleaning off some cum. Suddenly I felt nauseous and I had to swallow hard not to gag. I quickly closed my eyes again and thought: I would much rather suck Him than have Him cum over me like this.

Why oh why do I react so strong to this? Why can’t I just accept and handle it when He wants to climax on my body? It’s a way for Him to use me and I want nothing more than for Him to use me, but why can’t I accept this? Not long ago M said that he would like to cum on my body too. Actually, that if there were more men around, all of them would cum on my body. I saw the image in my mind and shivered. When I told M this, he said he would discuss a training regime with Master T. Yes, maybe I can be trained to accept this, but I still think I will always prefer to suck and swallow.

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5 thoughts on “Covered in cum

  1. It’s funny how tastes vary. I love it when hubby cums on me. It’s filthy, it’s degrading and it’s fabulously slutty. I particularly love it when he cums all over my boobs then rubs it in as he eats me out.

    When it comes to cum, my only hard rule is don’t get it in my hair.

    Katie xx

  2. I love to be used in just this way. I hope you find a way to make this something you enjoy.

    1. As said in my post, it’s all about the mindset of things. Maybe in a setting such as Master T and M have in mind I might enjoy being used like this 🙂

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