Boundaries: Grabbing my throat

My legs were spread wide. My pants were pushed down to my ankles.

On the screen of Master T’s laptop the last image of the video we had just watched could still be seen. Master T’s finger was buried in my pussy and soon I orgasmed for the fifth (or maybe sixth time). I was tired. It was 2am already and I was tired. For once I seemed to be almost dry. Master T noticed it too. He pulled me closer, hugging me. We sat like that for a while until I pulled my pants back up.

I was about to stand up to get back to my laptop, log off and go to bed. I turned my head up to Master T for a kiss. He looked down on me. There was a certain glint in His eyes – the same glint I called His ‘Dom look’ in the past. He bent His head down to kiss me and at the same time I felt His hand on my cheek. It touched me softly, but before I could process the loving touch, His hand was on my throat. He had His hand on my throat in the past, but never applied pressure. This time was different. He grabbed my throat tight and as His fingers slipped, He moved His hand and grabbed my throat again.

I noticed a couple of things at the same time. I was surprised that He was grabbing me this hard. I ascertained that His fingers were digging into my flesh and hurting me. I enjoyed the passion of our kiss. I felt my nipples harden and my pussy twitching. This confused me.

An image of me lying on the bed, on my stomach, my hands tied behind my back and the intense panic I felt when I thought I could not breath. Another image – a very innocent one, but a stupid fear of mine – of me always turning my back on Master T as I cannot sleep when facing someone else, because I am afraid I might smother in the other’s breath. I might even have said on this blog that I would never allow someone to put a hand on my throat, because I have this fear of my breath being stolen.

I was confused. I was not afraid. I was not in panic. Master T did not cut off my breath with His hand on my throat, but the threat that He could do it was clear. I looked at Him. My head was spinning. I was floating. His hand was still on my throat. He tightened His grip, hurting me, exciting me.

“Your breath is mine!” He whispered. I swooned and floated.

His mouth closed over mine again. A trickle of wetness escaped my pussy. My breathing was rapid. My excitement was evident. As His grip tightened on my throat I wondered whether I would be bruised. The thought of this excited me too. I moaned into Master T’s mouth. He pulled away and looked at me with His hand still on my throat.

“Crossed another boundary, my love?” He asked, but it did not really sound like a question.
“I think so,” I said and I sounded out of breath.
His hand moved down to my crotch and found my wetness.
“This excites you,” He stated a fact.
“Yes,” I admitted.
“Do you even have boundaries, sweetheart?”
I nodded while two fingers disappeared inside me. I quickly pushed my pants down again, pulled the other chair out from under the table and lay back. Master T leaned forward, two fingers still inside me. He grabbed my throat again.
“Come, slut,” He said and I did.

In His arms later, in bed, we talked about this. I have never thought I would enjoy His hand on my throat. Like I said, He did not cut off my air, but the mere threat of Him being able to do so was enough to send me deep into subspace. I was tired before this happened, but I was totally exhausted after.

It seems we are embarking on yet another interesting adventure…

© Rebel’s Notes

7 thoughts on “Boundaries: Grabbing my throat

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  2. I’m glad that he could help you trample that boundary. I love a firm grip around my neck. It makes me wet almost right away as you know it does to you as well. 5 or 6th time by 2 am…lucky girl!

  3. Some boundaries just make us wait longer to find out how deeply erotic and moving something can be. They can only be crossed with the right person though.

    1. I totally agree that they can only be crossed with the right person. I don’t think I would be able to trust anyone but Master T to have his/her hand on my throat.

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