I’m one of 2013’s Sex Blogging Superheroes

In September the people from Kinkly.com asked for nominations for their list of Sex Blogging Superheroes. I saw a tweet about the list and I was planning to nominate a couple of bloggers I admire, but sadly have to say that I forgot about it. I was working very hard on two stories for two different anthology calls and the thought of the list just slipped my mind. I only remembered about it again when I was alerted by someone on Twitter, congratulation me with my name on the list.

When I got home that afternoon, the first thing I did was to check the list. My blog was on number 43 and that made me smile. Thank you for all who have voted for me and thank you for the kind people of Kinkly.com who have put my name on the list.

The Kinky Staff have read posts on ALL the blogs that have been nominated. They were looking for blogs that touched them, that informed them and they combine their impressions with the number of votes each blog got, to decide where the blog would be mentioned on the list.

I think one of the main things that make this list and similar once so important is the recognition of the hard work that goes into each of the blogs that were mentioned and also those that did not make it to the list. Each blog is unique, each person has his or her own style of writing or images. Each person concentrates on something different. Some people do only sex toy reviews, others mix it with images of themselves, others write only about their sex lives, some have sexual information on it and yet others have a mix of many different things. It’s the diversity of the different blogs and the devotion with which people work on their blogs that make the sex blogging community a unique one. Unfortunately, we as sex bloggers are not accepted everywhere, but almost everyone in this community will keep on working hard to get the sex bloggers to be accepted the same way any other bloggers are.


Before I give you the list, I want to thank all who have voted for me and also want to thank the Kinkly Staff for all the work they have put into this list!

Without further ado, this is the full list of the Kinkly Staff’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013:

1.Heyepiphora.com (@Epiphora)
This sex toy reviewer has a mind-blowing sex toy collection, a “very discerning vagina” and an aversion to all things pink. She’s also got the words to keep you on her site for days.

2.Dangerouslilly.com (@Dangerouslilly)
This sharp-tongued sex geek and sex toy reviewer won our hearts with her big mouth – and crusade against crappy, unsafe sex toy materials.

3. Mollysdailykiss.com (@Mollysdailykiss)
Molly’s eclectic mix of erotic photography, body pride and erotic revelation is as unique as it is refreshing. She’s also a speaker, a submissive and the creator of Sinful Sunday.

4.Redheadbedhead.com (@Bedheadtweeting)
This redhead writer and sex educator has a mane that’s as fierce as her writing and a growing list of superhero sex-positive sex shops across the country. What’s not to love?

5.SmutForSmarties.com (@LadyCheeky)
On Smut for Smarties, Lady Cheeky does sex positive, body positive and feminist just right with a mix of interviews, reviews and thoughtful editorial.

6.Sunnymegatron.com (@SunnyMegatron)
This blogger’s a world-class sex educator, super-honest sex blogger and a superhero to sex positive people everywhere.

7.Kinkandpoly.com (@piecesofjade)
Formerly Pieces of Jade, this site bills itself as kinky, poly, lusty and wordy. It’s also hot and lovely to read. Check out Kink of the Week!

8. Queeriebradshaw.com (@QueerieBradshaw)
Author Lauren Marie Fleming’s site features personal stories about sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity – sensitive, funny, smart … exquisite!

9.Agoodwomansdirtymind.com (@GoodDirtyWoman)
Real sex for real people by a woman “who could be any woman,” this site is mysterious, erotic and oh-so-sexy.

10.Karasutrareviews.com (@Kara_Sutra)
Kara Sutra is a sex toy reviewer and supporter of sex bloggers. She’s also been spreading the sex-positive word via video in her Sex Ed 102 video series (everything you should have learned but didn’t!).

11.Carasutra.co.uk (@TheCaraSutra)

12.PeggingParadise.com (@Ruby_Ryder)

13.Perverticallyvirtuous.com (@VirtuousPervert)

14.Sex-in-words.blogspot.ca (@SexInWords)

15.LoraxofSex.com (@LoraxOfSex)

16.Ohjoysextoy.com (@ErikaMoen)

17.Walkerthornton.com (@WalkerThornton)

18.Ashleymanta.com (@ashleymanta)

19.Thestdproject.com (@TheSTDProject)

20.CharlieGlickman.com (@charlieglickman)

21.Inbedwithmarriedwomen.com (@Jill_Hamilton)

22.Themamasutra.net (@TheMamaSutra)

23.Tinynibbles.com (@violetblue)

24.Sex-ational.com (@sex_ational)

25.Thebeautifulkind.com (@TBK365)

26.Sexed102.com (@Kara_Sutra)

27.Offgothepanties.com (@offgothepanties)

28.Charlienox.com (@CharlieNox)

29.Tobeaslut.com (@tobeaslut)

30.Mydissolutelife.com (@nlikes)

31.Geekynymph.com (@GeekyNymph)

32.Vaginaantics.com (@Heather_Cole1) and (@Nikki_Blue1)

33.Fuckblogging.com (@fuckblogging) and (@venicebloggs)

34.Girlyjuice.net (@Girly_Juice)

35.Dumbdomme.com (@DumbDomme)

36.Domme-chronicles.com (@Ferns__)

37.Curvaceousdee.com (@CurvaceousDee)

38.Thesindoll.com (@TheSinDoll)

39.Grittywoman.co.uk (@GrittyWoman)

40.Masculinesubmission.wordpress.com (@TomioBlack)

41.Propertyofpotter.com (@pottersproperty)

42.Mrwillshouseofthrills.com (@MrWills_HoT)

43.Rebelsnotes.com (@RebelsNotes)

44.Theprattlingsofseverin.wordpress.com (@SaintSeverin)

45.Silverdropstoybox.com (@silverdropUK)

46.Betterthanieverexpected.blogspot.ca (@JoanPrice)

47.Puckerup.com (@TristanTaormino)

48.Kinketc.com (@LoriandHubby)

49.Alyssaroyse.com (@alyssaroyse)

50.Clitical.com (@CliticalJenne)

51.Wholesexlife.com (@WholeSexLife)

52.Learn.condomdepot.com (@condomdepot)

53.Toptobottomnyc.com (@Top2Bottom)

54.Ruffledsheets.com (@ruffledsheets)

55.Lifeontheswingset.com (@swingsetlife)

56.Thedirtynormal.com (@enagoski)

57.Girlonthenet.com (@girlonthenet)

58.Sexylittleideas.com (@joejohnstun)

59.Blog.grandopening.com (@KimAirs)

60.Naughty-corner.com (@Josephine_KK)

61.Nakedallthetime.com (@nakedjill)

62.Thoughtsofagrowingsub.com (@subreiskyem)

63.Eroticwriter.wordpress.com (@_Monocle_) and (@Ximena_Writes_)

64.Beanfiddler.com (@beanfiddlers)

65.Symonekittynelson.com (@TheSymoneShow)

66.Mysexprofessor.com (@mysexprofessor)

67.Filledandfooled.wordpress.com (@CurvyMilfy)

68.Mollena.com (@Mollena)

69.Lehmiller.com (@JustinLehmiller)

70.Blog.catherinecoaches.com (@Catcoaches)

71.Beingblacksilk.com (@BeingBlacksilk)

72.Suggestivetongue.com (@Suggestive)

73.Aslutsmemoir.com (@iSlut_)

74.Adissolutelifemeans.com (@adissolutelife)

75.Wqebelle.blogspot.ca (@wqbelle)

76.Sextoysofa.co.uk (@SexToySofa)

77.Naughtyreenie.com (@NaughtyReenie)

78.Beckandherkinks.com (@beck42069)

79.Sexgeek.wordpress.com (@sexgeekAZ)

80.Sexualitysanctuary.com (@sangsaraB)

81.Houseofhellkat.com (@Hellkat83)

82.Kinky-world.net (@mistress_kay)

83.Slutist.com (@slutist)

84.Emandlo.com (@emandlo)

85.Darkside-journey.blogspot.ca (@padmeamidala)

86.Jolynnraymond.com (@JolynnRaymond)

87.Lifeofalovergirl.wordpress.com (@lovergirlslife)

88.Hesnaked.com (@Hesnaked)

89.Nymphetaminekiss.com (@NymphetamineKis)


91.Sexandthestate.com (@CathyReisenwitz)

92.Creativenoodling.wordpress.com (@CreativeNoodlin)

93.Metanotherfrog.com (@metanotherfrog)

94.Bedroombondage.co.za/blog/ (@bedroombondage)

95.Midnightboudoir.org (@MidnightBlondi)


97.Malflic.com (@MalflicMagazine)

98.Barenakedlady.wordpress.com (@JillyBoyd)


100.Amyjogoddard.com (@amyjogoddard)

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