Third update: 101 things in 1001 days

101-1001aThe last time I did an update of my list of  101 things in 1001 days was on August 1 and I thought it’s time for another one.


  • I have submitted a fourth story for an anthology call.
  • One of my stories has been accepted by the editor and the final decision is with the publisher. I have to wait until November 2013 to know more.
  • There has been some progress in the story I am writing with a friend and after my last update someone else has suggested to write a story together with me. We will soon be starting on this story.
  • I have four more anthology calls that I have decided to write for. Two of those stories are in the editing phase and both have to be submitted by the end of October. I still have to start on both the others, but those deadlines are still a couple of months from now.
  • I am still in the running for the Smut Marathon II and am through to round 7. Fifteen writers started on the Smut Marathon II and 5 of them remain for round 7.
  • Stories on some more writing prompts have been added.


  • I am still playing around in Photoshop, still learning how to use it. Recently I have learned how to photoshop some distinguished features out of a photo to prevent others from recognizing the person.
  • I need to make more photos for the Toy with me Tuesday meme.
  • I am running behind on the 26 by 26 challenge, but have some photos lined up to catch up on this.


  • Goal number 34 has been completed.
  • My ass has been marked three more times. Posts about how it happened will be on the blog soon.

Master T has surprised me by buying hooks that will be put on our bedroom wall once we have renovated the bedroom (hopefully before the end of this year).

Sexy art
I really need to make time to get back to this. At this moment I am very focused on my writing. I have two paintings I need to complete and then I want to start on a big project. Time! I wish I had 48 hours in my day and not only 24.

Sexy socializing

  • The next meeting of the Erotic Writers and Artists group took place on 21 September. The post about this meeting will follow soon.
  • We had planned to go to the sauna in October, but due to different circumstances, it might only take place in November.
  • I am still meeting tweeps and hope to meet a lot more.
  • I have left a couple of my business cards in different public places – mostly public restrooms.

Personal pampering

  • I had two more pedicures and combined both of those with manicures. Now that autumn is here and winter will soon be too, I might leave the pedicures for spring and summer next year.
  • An erotic massage is in the planning. More information to follow as soon as possible.

Looking through everything on my 101 list, I know already that there might be some items I will not be able to achieve, but I am definitely going to do my best to achieve the greater part of the goals on my list.

Another update will be placed in about 2 months or you can frequently check the page with all my goals.

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  1. I must say that the list keeps me focused, but I have another to do list that’s in my email that keeps me more focused than the 101 list. Still, I enjoy doing the 101 things 🙂

    Rebel xox

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