Peeking Peak

Photograph something you consider insignificant.
~ Riitta Ikonen & Karoline Hjorth

This was challenge #14 for the 26 by 26 project.

Would you say this top can be considered insignificant?
I mean… it can’t even keep my nipple inside…

A nipple peaking out...
(click to enlarge)

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34 thoughts on “Peeking Peak

  1. Hey the nipples like to peak out of outfits like this. Remember the other one we have in common? I enjoy this shot.

    1. Thanks, K. This top is about 15 years old but I still find it stunning. Back then there was also a dress like this. I wish I had bought it too back then.

      Rebel xox

  2. I’m not sure that insignificant is the right word. I love the way it highlights your nipples and leaves them presented to tempt me. Now to try to decide am I tempted to touch, kiss, lick, pinch, suck… Who am I kidding – it’s all of them.

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