I am so horny.

That was all that I typed in the email I sent Master T. I knew I would get a reply, but it was not the reply I expected.

Go upstairs, finger yourself to one orgasm and film it.

We were sitting on opposite sides of the room. I was on the couch; Master T at the dining room table. I sent one more mail to Him.

Yes, Mynheer.

Up in our bedroom I removed the pants I was wearing, lay down on the bed, spread my legs and grabbed my phone. I activated the movie function, did a test run and when I was satisfied, I started rubbing myself while the camera filmed it. I was horny and I came quite quickly. I was moaning, as I always do when I climax. I know Master T likes to hear me. Back downstairs I waited for the video to be transferred to my Dropbox folder and then I sent it to Master T.

Not long after I saw a tweet of Master T in my timeline:

I was shocked. Not in a negative way though. But I was blushing. I was thinking: what would all these people think of me if they see me bringing myself to orgasm? Having people looking at my photos is something I love, but to have them look at moving images? That was something I felt very shy about. Master T got some tips and before long I saw His next tweet:

Within two days 9 people signed up and became friends with Master T on RedTube. Master T wanted more material and during the week He told me that more videos would be made. I know this has been a wish of Him for quite some time, but I am always very shy to make videos. I am not very fond of watching myself on video.

But, to be honest, the idea actually intrigued me. Especially once I learned that the videos would all be set to private and only people befriending Master T on RedTube would be able to see it. I still feel shy about the videos. Shy to make them. Shy to know people will be looking at it. Not only people who are names on Twitter, but also people who I have met in real life. But still, the idea intrigued and excited me, and I knew that Master T really wanted this. He likes sharing me with the world.

redtubeSo for you out there who are interested, go to RedTube, become a member (it’s free) and then search for ‘TheGrandMasterT’. Befriend Him, but make sure you tell Him who you are, or where you know me/Him from, otherwise He will not accept your friendship request. If you search on ‘Rebel’ or ‘TheGrandMasterT’ when you are not a member, you will not find us. Make sure that you are a member of RedTube.

And I guess this means that I am committed to making more videos for your viewing pleasure…

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14 thoughts on “RedTube

  1. hi Rebel … I am catching up on your blog and I signed up for redtube, but I can’t find TheGrandMasterT to send Him a request …


    1. Hi there, unfortunately there isn’t a direct link I can send you. You should be able to find us searching for TheGrandMasterT :/

  2. I am just catching up with some blog reading this evening and have come across this very sexy post. I have signed up to RedTube and look forward to seeing your videos if Master T is willing to accept the friend request!! You are braver than me beautiful lady!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. In the meantime you have been accepted as one of the viewers and I hope you enjoyed the videos. This has been a deep wish of Master T for some time and only now that I feel ‘safe’ in the RedTube niche I am slowly starting to enjoy to make videos too. Although I am always still very nervous when I know the cam is on!

      Rebel xox

  3. I put up my first video not too long ago on Slut load. Though, it was me bringing him to orgasm. I am hoping to post my own one day. 🙂

  4. I have done a couple of little videos in the past. Mine are on Xtube. I actually don’t know what my old account is. I have a new one with one simple video of me playing with myself.

  5. does sound like fun but like you I am camera shy…I do not film well since I am a big girl.

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