Maintenance Ass Training

“Go upstairs and put your plug in,” Master T said only minutes after He arrived home.
I looked at Him in surprise. It’s been weeks, maybe even 3-4 months ago that I have been plugged and there was nothing at all that indicated that Master T was close to ordering me to wear my plug again. Apparently I hesitated a bit too long, as Master T looked at me sternly and with a question in His eyes.
“Yes, Mynheer,” I said and went upstairs.

This was the second night I had to practice to call Master T ‘Mynheer’ or “Mijn Heer” as it is written in Dutch. But that story has already been told.

Two days later I received the same order, which resulted in me wearing the plug for about 5 hours again. It was then that Master T told me that I had to be plugged the next evening when we would go out for dinner and a drink as we usually do on Thursdays. It resulted in me wearing the plug for 5 hours again. I felt quite self-conscious when I strolled around the shops after dinner. It felt as if everyone could see that I was plugged, even though I knew that they did not.

The plug started feeling a bit uncomfortable and Master T gave me permission to take it out. It was clear that my ass was not used to the plug anymore. I mentioned this to Master T and He decided that it was time for a maintenance training. I had to wear the plug for some hours every day. He wanted me to get used to wearing it again.

The next day I was ordered to put the plug in again, but only for two hours. It felt more comfortable than the day before, but I was happy when I could take it out. By then I already knew that I would have to wear the plug the next day when we would be out shopping in the afternoon. I had no idea for how long I would be wearing it, but it turned out that it was almost 5 hours again. This time I felt less self-conscious when I walked around between the shops and the plug also did not feel as uncomfortable as it did two days before. On the Sunday I only had the plug in for three hours and then again on the Monday after dinner.

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For the following five days I had the plug in 3 hours every day. On the Thursday evening, our normal evening out, I had it in for the tenth day in a row and consequently the last day of this maintenance plug training. In a way I was happy that I could leave the plug out the next day, but at the same time it made me feel as if I ‘lost’ something. However, Master T has said that from now on I will wear the plug 3-4 times a week. One day is fixed – the Thursday afternoon. I am not allowed to go out without it anymore. Any other time I have to have it in, Master T will tell me.

This training also helped me achieving one of my 101 goals: to wear my plug for 10 days. I must say that I have missed wearing the plug, but I prefer not to have it in every day. Three to four days after each other is fine, but then I need a break. Not that I am the one deciding about this of course!

One thing I would like to do again is to sleep with my plug. Waking up in the middle of the night, feeling the weight can be quite comforting and exciting! But again, it’s not for me to decide…

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