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fireice1When I see the word temperature I think about hot and cold or warm and cold. Thinking of temperature in general, the first two things that came to mind were the weather and water. What weather do I prefer: hot, warm or cold? To be honest, I prefer colder weather. But then, only colder weather. I do not want want rain and I do not want snow, but I do not mind a crisp, sunny winter’s day. Even a cloudy winter’s day is okay. Hot weather? No thanks. Warm weather? Up to about 22 degrees Celsius is enjoyable. Why don’t I liked warmer or hot weather? Maybe it’s because of the hormone changes in my body that I prefer not to have higher temperatures.

What about water? I hate, really HATE cold water. If ever someone want to punish me severely, a cold shower will definitely be the way to do it. I detest cold water. Hot water on the other hand, I love. The hotter, the better. I love going to the wellness center and sitting in the warm water bubble baths or swim in the heated pools.


… this post is about the kinky side of temperature.

Let’s see what Wikipedia  has to say about it:

Temperature play is a form of BDSM sensual play where objects and substances are used to stimulate the body’s neuroreceptors for heat and cold for sensual effect. Substances can include water, oil, molten wax, ice, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, melted butter, chilled fresh fruit and steamed vegetables.
Objects can include cutlery, ball chains, necklaces and many others, often pre-heated in hot water or chilled in ice water.
Blindfolds are often used to intensify the effects, and bondage can also amplify the experience.
Safety precautions should be used which are appropriate for the materials, techniques and body parts involved.

Fire and ice are the two things that are used for temperature play.

Fire play is a form of edge play. It rarely leaves marks on the skin, although some people prefer to burn the skin slightly to leave it irritated and red. Thinking of this and my fear of fire, I don’t think that this is a kind of kink I would want to be involved with.

Fire cupping is also used in the fire play community. What is fire play?

The air inside a cup (almost always glass) is heated then placed on the skin – the cooling air creates a low-pressure pocket the pulls skin partially into the cup.

There are different methods to do fire cupping, but no matter what the method, I am curious to try this at least once. I would love for an experienced cupper to use his/her cups on me.

Ice play involves running pieces of ice across the naked skin of someone else. Ice might not be considered kinky by a lot of people, but in BDSM it can be used in a very kinky way. Think about inserting it in the vagina, or even the anus. Of course one of the safety issues here is to never put ice inside a body directly from the freezer. Just think about what happens to your tongue if you stick it to ice that just came from the freezer? Right!

No, when you want to use ice as an insertable – and yes, I speak from experience – you should first let it melt a bit. All ‘dry’ spots on an ice cube should be gone before you insert it. You can even insert a couple of cubes in her vagina and then fuck her. I promise you, you are in for a brilliant treat. A wet treat, but damn it’s so good. I have never had ice inserted in my anus and don’t know if I would want that, but never say never, right?

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7 thoughts on “Temperature play

  1. Using ice internally does sound, er, hot 🙂 I’d definitely make sure that it wasn’t fresh from the freezer – visions of that scene from a Christmas Story in my head now…

  2. I think I will steer clear from that then, because feeling crampy is not something I like. Using ice in the anus is intriguing though!

    Rebel xox

    1. I think it’s time to try ice again soon 🙂
      (Although with it being autumn, I am not very keen on the coldness of ice)

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