This week’s prompt totally intrigued me. Tickling? That is for children, right? Parents tickle their kids, kids tickle each other and everyone has a great laugh. Tickling is big fun.

My next thought was: do I like to be tickled? And immediately I answered it for myself: I don’t mind the occasional prod in my sides, but I hate a full-blown tickling. It makes me angry if someone would not stop. I cannot remember if I have been like this as a child too.

And then I thought: how does tickling tie in with kink? Is tickling a kink? Here I have to say that in general, when I see Jade’s prompt, I only look at the title and only later, once I have written my post, read the entire post on Kink of the Week. That way I am only busy with the subject from my point of view and not influenced by the words of others.

Once I related tickling to kink, the thoughts started coming. Would I be able to handle it to be tickled when I am bound with my arms and legs spread? Thinking about this I thought of two kinds of tickling: the kind that intends to make you laugh (like mention in my first paragraph) and the kind that is intended to make you wet. Just imagine being tied down and being tickled with a feather or the strands on a flogger? The first kind of tickling would make me angry, but the second kind would make me craving a harder touch and would leave me incredibly wet and horny.

Like always I searched online to find some more information about tickling and I came across a ‘workshop’ called ‘The Titillating Torture of Tickling’. I want to quote some parts of that here, but you can read the full article following the link.

Tickling may seem innocent and light, but it has great potential as real torture in a BDSM scene. Your sub can end up with as many or more endorphins after tickling than those caused by a heavy pain scene.

I have never thought that being tickled can release endorphins. Does this mean that after extensive tickling a sub could be going into subspace?

Maintaining your control is much harder with tickling than with pain or humiliation, in my opinion–which of course makes it a wonderful way to stretch the limits of your bottom’s submission without running the risk of major physical damage.

Which Dom would not like to stretch the limits of his sub’s submission and which sub would not like to have her limits stretched?

Make sure to give your sub all the aftercare they need after a tickling session. The feeling of being out of control can be hard psychologically, and your sub needs lots of reassurance and tender touch. Sex may be in order, especially with so many endorphins and excitement whizzing around. Both of you will probably feel a bit high and hopefully happy after a good tickling session.

I think for me to be totally out of control if ever I go through a tickling scene, I would have to be tied down. If not tied down, I will definitely not lie still.

Source: happybdsm.tumblr.com

Getting back to my preference to be tickled by a feather instead of by hands, I think I have to rethink that. What I had in mind when I said that is to feel a feather stroking my body, but not for it to be used to torture me. I am now imagining being tickled under my feet – with a feather. Or under my arms, when I have my arms spread and bound. Those are the two places that I prefer not to be tickled. Any other place on my body will probably be okay. Or maybe not! A feather tickling my pussy? Oh damn, I don’t think I will be able to handle that.

No, I don’t think tickling is for me. Or is it? I am undecided in this. On the one hand I am quite curious about it. Curious to know how long I would be able to stand it. I am curious to know if I would indeed enter subspace because of the tickling, if indeed so many endorphins are released that I feel I am on a high.

Yes, I am intrigued, but at the same time I don’t even want to think about trying it.

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8 thoughts on “Tickling

  1. While I use it as a form of pleasurable sensation play and a way to connect as a top I just don’t have it in me to tickle someone simply to torture them.

  2. I had the same initial response to the tickling prompt: I thought it was childlike!
    I love the way you really explore and imagine the idea of each of the kinks you discuss for KOTW. You’re a great writer. 😀

    1. WOW! Thanks so much for the compliment, Alex. I love writing and I love exploring the different themes for kink of the week and to really try to understand them and whether they are for me or not. It’s great to see this recognized 🙂

  3. How interesting as I feel the same way with tickling. I also can get VERY angry when being tickled and believe me you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry – lol.

    Great post yet again!

    ~Mia~ xx

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