I’m His Canvas

We were done making photos for my gag post and for the Back to School prompt for Sinful Sunday. I was still on my back on the bed, my head resting on the pillow and the a pen was on the bed next to me. I closed my eyes and opened them abruptly when I felt Master T’s hand on me. The pen was in His hand. His wrist was resting on my ribs. I could not see what He was doing, but I felt the pen moving around my nipple.

He was using my body as a canvas…

The pen moved around my right nipple, causing my nipple to harden. It moved to my left nipple, repeating the process. The cold tip of the pen glided over my skin. Master T moved His hand slightly and a bigger circle was drawn around my nipple. His hand started moving from one breast to the other while the pen still touched my skin.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” I asked with a smile.
“Indeed, I am,” Master T answered, not taking His eyes off the creation He was making.

The pen moved down over my stomach towards my navel, around my navel and then downward towards my crotch. I shivered with delight as ink was left on both my outer labia. Master T put the pen away and pushed two fingers inside my wet pussy. Soon I was arching my back as an orgasm overtook me. He picked the pen up and to the right of my navel I felt Him drawing a line. He put the pen down and His fingers entered me again. After another orgasm, another line was drawn. I instantly realized what He was doing: keeping tally of my orgasms. After each orgasm He picked up the pencil and drew a line. For vertical ones, one horizontal line. Five orgasms. The next vertical line was drawn on the left of my navel. Three more vertical lines followed and then one more horizontal one.

Ten orgasms.

His fingers entered me again.
“Another one,” Master T said, “because you can.”
With these words He moved His fingers, wet with my juices, to my clitoris.
After my orgasm He pulled me towards Him. Soon I was sitting on top of Him, His hard cock deep inside me. I was sensitive inside, sensitive enough for another orgasm to build as He pumped in and out of me.
“Are you going to come for me again?” He asked.
“I think so,” I said through clenched teeth.
The first pulsation of His cock made me clench my inner muscles. The second pulsation sent me over the edge. I climaxed.

“Almost at the same time,” Master T said, “this almost never happens.”
I nodded. Indeed, we almost never climax at the same time, but when it does, it’s fabulous.

It was only after all this that I caught a full glimpse of myself in the mirror. To me it was the most beautiful picture, only because He used my body as His canvas.

© Rebel’s Notes

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