"Holi-dating" Master T (2)

Our second summer ‘holi-date’ took place two days after our date with M. We had planned to make some more photos, as there were more ideas we were playing around with. We more or less knew that this would be the last opportunity to be dating during our summer holidays.

Recently I had a sweet gift from someone we met during the first week of our summer holiday, and we wanted to use that in the photos. The gift was a small box of imitation rose petals and we wanted to make some sexy photos with those. Both of us were very happy with how the photos came out and yes, you will see some of those here in future.

Displayed on the floor

We had more or less done all the photos we had in mind, when Master T told me to bring myself to orgasm. I was only wearing my stockings, my black heels and my wrist and ankle cuffs. I sat in the chair across from Him, my legs spread wide and slowly started playing with myself. After three or four orgasms He told me to count back from 10. Ten orgasms, while He was watching me. After five of those orgasms, He looked at me with a smile.
“When you’re done, I’m going to hurt you,” He said.
I just smiled.
One orgasm more and when I opened my eyes, I noticed that He was wearing one vampire glove. Now I knew what He was planning to hurt me with.

With ten orgasms done, Master T told me to stand up. He helped me towards the door post. I had to hold on and stand still. That’s when the spanking started. He was using the vampire glove to spank me. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I enjoyed the feeling. Yes, some of the slaps hurt more than others, but it was less painful than a whip would have been. I knew He said He was going to hurt me, but up to that point it did not hurt that much. Until He turned me around. He used the glove to rub over my breasts. Just lightly at first and then at time He squeezed my breasts. The squeezing hurt but what really hurt the most was when the tacks on the vampire gloves brushed over my nipples. I tried to push His hands away.
“Hands behind your back!” He said. I obeyed.

He continued on my breasts and after some time my hands came forward again. I did not touch Him, just held my hands up in the air, ready to push Him away. Master T turned me around again and resumed the spanking of my bottom. This time it hurt more than the first time. I wondered just how bruised my bottom was and whether He had drawn blood again like a week before. After spanking me for some time He turned me around and continued the rubbing and squeezing of my breasts. I leaned back against the door post, trying to escape the glove, but it only stopped when He wanted it to stop.

Master T took the glove off and pulled me into His arms. I leaned against Him. We kissed.
“On your knees,” He said. I got on my knees and turned in the direction He wanted me. More photos were made. We both noticed the blood on the door post and I realized that my bottom must be more bruised than the first time He spanked me with the vampire gloves. While I was on my knees He started whipping me, using the dragon tail. It hurt and I moaned and tried to get away, but He ordered me to stay where I was. He changed the whip for the flogger and later took the whip back in His hand again.
“Five more,” He said and I felt relief, until He continued speaking, “on each buttock.”
He did not tell me to count, but I did.

“Crawl towards me,” He said, sitting in the chair behind me.
I smiled. This is what I wanted. The evening before I had this immense urge that I wanted to crawl to Him, but I could not because the kids were around. At that moment no one was watching AND Master T was expecting of me to crawl to Him. I loved it. Being on the floor, on my knees, while He is looking down to me from the chair made me feel small and wanted and loved.

Pleasing Master T…

While still on my knees, Master T fingered me until I climaxed. He pushed His fingers into my mouth. I sucked myself off Him. And then it was time to suck Him off. I took Him in my mouth, tasted Him, smelled Him, wanted Him. I used my mouth and my hand to please Him. I noticed the movements of His body, how His muscles tensed as His orgasms built. I felt Him growing in my mouth as His climax neared and I heard His breathing quickening. A groan escaped Him as He spurted His semen deep in my throat. I swallowed all, up to the last drop He pointed out to me.

After a couple of photos more, our second ‘holidate’ was over. But for at least a week after that I still had marks of the vampire gloves on my bottom and whip marks on my thigh and hip. The first two days after the spanking the warm water of the shower stung my buttocks. That put a huge smile on my face!

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