"Holi-dating" Master T (1)

During our recent summer holiday, Master T and I had the opportunity to use another venue for photos and other sexy things. It almost felt like we were dating each other!

Making photos in another place than our own house or bedroom is something we always look forward to, as the photos then get a different ‘feel’ to them and the background is not always the same.

It was only in the second week of our holiday that we went there for the first time. That morning I received the vampire gloves I was to review for Sextoys123 and we actually decided to use it that afternoon, to test it.

On my back, on a table.

That afternoon we concentrated first on making photos for the different 26 by 26 challenges that I still had to do. We managed challenge 10, 11 and 13. But we wanted to make more photos. Master T had ordered me to have enough clothes and shoes with me so we could make photos in different outfits. Just being in a different environment really helped to make brilliant photos. There are so many photos in there that I am totally happy with, as is Master T and of course many of those will be showcased here on my blog in the next months.

In between the photos, Master T ordered me several times to masturbate. I sat in a chair, my eyes closed, my hands between my legs… and I enjoyed. Once all the photos were made, Master T had other plans. Wearing only my black high heels, He told me to get on my knees. I knew what would follow. I sucked Him and swallowed every drop.

I thought that was it, that we might make some more photos, quickly test the vampire gloves (gently) and then leave. But Master T had other plans. He put cuffs on my wrists and then had me leaning over the back of a chair. He tied the wrist cuffs to the arm rests of the chair. I could have walked away, was I willing to take the entire chair with me. But, I did not want to walk away. I wanted to see what He had planned.

He started spanking me. At times it stung, but mostly I was able to handle it. He alternated the spanking with using the paddle. His hand stung a lot more than the paddle did, but the paddle did a very nice job of warming up my backside. Then, out came the dragon tail whip. This is when I really started moaning as the tip of the tail seemed to cut into my skin. Master T went back to spanking me, paddling me and then whipping me. It was over far too soon and I was surprised when He told me He had been at it for just more than half an hour. Sweat was running down His face as it was a warm day and especially warm up in the attic where we were.

We almost forgot about the vampire gloves. It was that I saw them with all our other stuff that we realized we still wanted to try that. We made a couple of photos and Master T squeezed my breasts while wearing the gloves. It stung a bit, but was not as painful as I thought it would be. Except when He ran the tacks over my nipple. Now that was definitely painful and even a bit scary.

Tiny specks of blood on a red bottom…

He told me to turn around and bend over. I knew what would follow: a spanking with the gloves.
“Please be careful, Sir,” I begged and He assured me that He would be.
He started softly and gradually built it up, frequently checking whether I was still okay. I definitely was and really was surprised that it wasn’t unbearably painful, but a bit stingy. Not too stingy to handle. Not at all. The glove spanking went on for between 5-10 minutes and when He stopped, He told me that I should not sit down as I would leave blood on the chairs. I looked at Him in surprise and He nodded. All I could do was smile and run for a mirror.

I could not see much in the mirror, but the pictures told me enough afterward. The next morning, under the shower, I smiled when the hot water ran over my bottom and I was reminded of my first 2013 summer ‘holidate’ with Master T.

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4 thoughts on “"Holi-dating" Master T (1)

  1. We love to go away to different places when we can to as you say it really does lend a different feel to everything!

    So glad that you enjoyed your “holidate” with all the added bonuses!

    ~Mia~ xx

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