Book review: The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker by Suzanne Portnoy

The book:
butcher-bakerThe cover of the book has a very seductive photo of legs and high heels. The title is printed over that. The subtitle of the book (printed on the bottom of the front cover) is: The intimate adventures of a woman who can’t say no.

The back cover says:

Suzanne Portnoy is a woman on a mission. Freed from the restraints of marriage and monogamy, she’s no longer looking for Prince Charming. She’s looking for fun. And she intends to find it… This is an erotic memoir with a difference.

The book has 218 pages, spread over 13 chapters. There are several acknowledgements in the beginning of the book.

I saw a call on twitter where the author was looking for reviewers of her book. I met the lovely Suzanne Portnoy at Eroticon 2013, where she handed me her book.

The author:
Suzanne Portnoy has been a publicist for twenty years. Divorced with grown-up sons, she was born in the States and now lives in London. Saucy, attractive, and finally her dream size 12 after 20 years of indifferent dieting, she is no longer single but settled down with a younger man and happily monogamous.

This text has been taken from Suzanne’s website, where you can also find more information.

Suzanne Portnoy has written one other book: The Not-So-Invisible Woman.

Suzanne Portnoy can also be found on Twitter.

The story:
As the description on the back of the book said – this is an erotic memoir with a difference. Suzanne Portnoy tells about all her sexual experiences while being married and after her marriage had ended.

My opinion:
I have only read the book halfway, since it could not keep my attention. This does not mean the book is not good. It is well written, explicit and there are definitely some very hot encounters in the book. I could relate to some of the things told in the book and to others I just could not.

I guess memoirs are just not my thing. I really tried to get through it, but decided to just stop reading before I get tot he point where I give the book a bad review. That was the last thing I wanted to do, to write a bad book review, because, as said, it is definitely not badly written.

If you like to read memoirs, then this book definitely is for you.

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