Book review: Kingsbridge Book 1: Jeanine by Orpheus

kingsbridge1I have been approached by Orpheus through Fetlife whether I would be interested in reviewing his first Kingsbridge book. Of course I wanted to review it. I am always interested in reading other authors.

The book:
I received the PDF version of the book from Orpheus by email. The front cover shows a blindfolded and cuffed naked woman, in a submissive position. The book has 163 pages and is available as e-Book.

A very nice detail is that this message was printed just after the title page:

Review copy for subRebel
Thank you for reviewing this! I hope you really like the book.

It’s such a nice touch to add when you send someone a digital book to review.

There are acknowledgments on the next page, for different people’s encouragement and enthusiastic reviews. A sexual content warning and a disclaimer are printed below the acknowledgments. The author’s note follows the acknowledgments, explaining that this book and the volumes to follow were written in a rather unusual way. If you want to know what unusual way, you will have to read this book too.

A table of contents follows next. Twelve chapters and The Comment Party make up this first Kingsbrigde book. The comment party is the feedback that has been received when this book has been published online, chapter by chapter.

The author:
On the last page of the book, there is more information about the author. Orpheus, or Master Orpheus has more than 20 years of real-life experience in training different slaves. He has published a book on language history, but Kingsbridge is his first E-publication and first published erotica.

Master Orpheus can be contacted on Fetlife under the simple name “Orpheus”.

The main characters:
Jeanine Kingston: the main character, as the title of the book implies, who is applying to be accepted into the Kingsbridge Academy.
Master Koenig: one of the masters as the Kingsbridge Academy. The names of other masters are named too, but Master Koenig seems to be in charge of the first selection procedure.
Several girls: number 17, number 83, number 109 and number 115 interact with Jeanine (number 94).

The story:
Jeanine applied to be enrolled at the Kingsbridge Academy, which was an institute for Slave training and there the women had one right: the right to be owned. Kingsbridge was the best slave training institute in the world of the book. Jeanine had been dreaming about become a slave since she was a little girl. Her mother was not happy with it, but her father – who owned a slave – understood and supported her choice.

The first selection procedure lasted two days and was grueling. No one was allowed to use their real names. Each woman got a number to hang around their necks and was addressed with that number. They were to stand on a numbered grid on the floor, waiting until the papers of all women had been reviewed. The women had to be quiet and if they did not comply with the rules, they were disqualified immediately. That was no empty threat. Many women were disqualified, some because they talked, others because their papers were not in order.

The girls were taught a kneeling position for attention as well as positions that would make them accessible to their future masters. Part of the selection procedure was a medical exam and on the second day the girls had to masturbate and orgasm in the presence of one of the masters. At the medical exam Jeanine told the examiner that she could have multiple orgasm. The next day she had to prove it.

Some girls became friends on the first night and told each other about how they came to the decision to go to Kingsbridge. At the end of the second day a small selection of girls were accepted into the training program at Kingsbridge.

My opinion:
I loved the book. I was intrigued from the first page, as the thought of a kinky training academy like Kingsbridge really appeals to me! I love the clear descriptions in the book of the different slave positions, loved the strictness of the masters and the thoughts of Jeanine as she had to go through the selection procedure.

The parts about the medical exam, the masturbation to prove her multiple orgasms, being naked in the hotel all tie in nicely to paint a exciting picture and want me to continue reading. By the end of this book I wanted nothing more than to continue reading Jeanine’s story.

I am very honest that I have not read the comment party. When I got to this part, I started reading it, but after reading a couple of comments, I stopped. I was interested more in the Jeanine’s story. I understand just why this is in the book, but in my opinion it wasn’t necessary to print all of the comments in the book.

I find the easy and clear writing style of Orpheus quite enjoyable to read. This book review is not based on my reading this book in a ‘technical’ manner, which means I just relaxed, started to read it and waited for the story to grip me, which it did.

Thanks to Orpheus for sending me the book to review!

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