A bloody mess

A couple of days before our last play date – where five of us were going to play – I asked Master T whether He would be using the vampire gloves.
“There is a possibility that I would,” He said.
“Would you please use them, Sir?” I asked.
I really, really wanted Him to use them on me again. I loved the first two times He used them and I was really looking forward to the next time I would feel them on my skin.

During the play date the gloves came out. I watched as Master T ran the right hand glove over the breasts and tummy of one of the other women while my arms were being tied behind my back. I loved watching it, seeing how much she enjoyed it. She relaxed under the touch and at times I heard her breathe in, when Master T ran over some sensitive spots with the glove.

Master T was using only the right glove, as the left glove was reserved for me. Since he had drawn a little bit of blood with it in the past, we do not want to use it on anyone else, even though it had been cleaned. Safety first!

After being tied up for some time and feeling whips and floggers and hands touching my bare bottom and leaving their marks, we all sat down for a while before my hands were tied to one of the chains hanging from the ceiling. The red color on my bottom was deepened by more kisses from different implements, as well as the hands of both Masters. I knew it was getting later and I knew that even when something had been planned, the evening could turn into something totally different. The evening was drawing to a close (we always have to be out of there by a certain time), but Master T took my hand and led me to the St. Andrews Cross.

The steel rings on my wrist cuffs were attached to the steel rings on the cross with carbine hooks. I looked at the white wall behind the cross, but every fiber of my body was waiting for the vampire glove. I wanted to feel it on my bottom. Not light and gentle, but I wanted to be spanked with it. I wanted to feel the metal tacks touching my body and I wanted to know that it was drawing blood. Ever since I felt the glove the first time, I am intrigued, and this time was no different.

Master T first softly touched my bottom, running the clove over my bottom, by back and my sides. The first slap came unexpected. I was expecting the next one. At first my muscles tensed as I waited for the next slap, but soon I started to relax. The slaps did not hurt. In fact, when Master T spanks me with His bare hands, it hurts a lot more than when He uses the gloves.

I stood against the cross, my hands above my head and my feet spread. I was relaxed, waiting for the next slap. At some stage I lost track of what was happening behind me. I felt the slaps, but I did not feel them. I was in my own world. I knew Master T was spanking me with the glove. Or at least, some part of my conscious brain knew that. The other part was totally oblivious to what was happening, where I was and what would follow.

I only became aware of my surroundings again when it sounded as if Master T was slamming the glove down on a wet surface. That surface was my buttocks. I remember turning around and looking at Master T in surprise.
“Is it wet?” I asked.
“Indeed it is,” He said.
It was only then that I realized that there was blood. Quite some blood for it to make a sound like that. I was surprised that it did not hurt a lot more than it did. It was a bit stingy, but other than that I felt almost nothing. I felt myself floating at the idea of my blood – not because I was scared, though. Totally the opposite of that.

The glove touched my bottom a couple of times more before Master T stopped. He appeared next to me and kissed me. As He walked away to take the glove off, I heard someone exclaim behind me: “Oh my god.”
That made me smile.

Blood droplets on the floor…
(click to enlarge)

It was only when I went to the bathroom with Master T so we could clean off most of the blood that I got a glimpse of my bottom. It was quite impressive and even more so when I saw the pictures the next day. My bottom was tender, deliciously tender. I could sit, but I felt every move I made. And for days after, I still had little red spots on my buttocks where the skin was punctured.

I love the vampire gloves, and already look forward to the next time they are used. I have always thought I would not like to see my own blood, but I have been proven wrong. However, I think it depends on where the blood comes from. I would not want to be bleeding from my breasts, for instance! And another thing, you cannot use the gloves to spank someone just anywhere because of the bloody mess it can make. There were drops on the floor when we were done…

I know the gloves will not be used every time, and let’s be honest, a spanking by hand or a good flogging or whipping is just as exciting… and a whole lot less messy!

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15 thoughts on “A bloody mess

  1. Ok, I enjoy reading about the BDSM lifestyle even though i’m not in it, but perhaps 1% and always wanting to experiment or play. Just not all the time. With that being said, I enjoy reading your blog because you share stuff that I don’t tend to find other places (maybe I’m not looking, in the right places). I no idea what vampire gloves were or are (will google) I truly enjoy reading about “new” stuff. Thanks for sharing and educating me in a round about way. Oh and glad you enjoyed your play time 🙂

  2. Sounds as though you had a wonderful time. Drawing blood is a hard limit for me but for you it sounds as though you hit an amazing sub-space that night.

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. Indeed, I hit an amazing sub-space and would really like to experience this again, even though I know we won’t be using the gloves every time Master T spanks me.

      Rebel xox

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