Addressing my Master T

Some time ago I wrote how I wanted to say “Thank you, Master” when Master R whipped me, but that I just could not get the word ‘master’ out of my mouth. I thought that this might be because I do not have a formal title for Master T, so I discussed it with Him when we got home. He said He would think about it and let me know.

Some weeks passed by until one evening we were mailing each other and I decided to ask. Actually, I did not even think about the question, I just typed it and sent it off to Him. He said that He was doubtful what to choose, but in the next mail, He told me what I should call Him from now on. He also told me that He would start training me to use His new title, so that I can feel entirely comfortable to call Him that. Because you see, even though I really want to have a formal title to call Him by, it won’t just come naturally right away.

But, I can hear you ask… how will I address Master T in future?

Now you all know we are a Dutch couple and when we talk to each other, we speak Dutch. Doh. So allow me to try and explain, so you all can understand what I call Master T.

I think the most logic thing to have called him is ‘Master’, since when I talk about Him on here, I always refer to Him as Master T. Also, He refers to Himself as Master T on Twitter. But, the Dutch translation for ‘Master’ is ‘Meester’ and Master T does not feel comfortable with the Dutch version of ‘Master’.

Have you also noticed that when I recall dialogue that happened between Master T and me during play, I refer to Him as ‘Sir’? Or when I speak to Him on Twitter, I also call Him Sir?

This is a title Master T feels completely comfortable with. However, when I speak to Him in Dutch, I can hardly call Him ‘Sir’, right. It will sound a bit ridiculous to mix my languages. So Master T came up with the Dutch translation for it.

From now on I will call Him “Mijn Heer”.

If you type “Mijn Heer” into Google translate, the English translation is “My Lord”

However, if you type “Sir” into Google translate, you get ‘mijnheer’. Simplified, ‘mijnheer’ can be pronounced as ‘meneer’ and when you type ‘meneer’ into Google translate something interesting happens. One of the English translations that is given, is ‘mynheer’ and the pronunciation is actually the same as ‘meneer’. I was intrigued as I did not know that this is an accepted English word.

So I investigated further and this is what I found:

Source: Merriam-Webster
(click to enlarge)


Do you see that? First known use? It’s first known use was in 1652. Call it strange, call it stupid thinking, call it childish, call it whatever you want, but I find secret pleasure in the fact that the first known use was in 1652. I have a strong historical connection with 1652. To be exact, I have a historical connection with 6 April 1652. Just Google this date and those of you who know more about me, will immediately understand. Others might just have to do some calculations and put 1 and 1 together.

To me, the discovery of the historical connection and what this connection means to me, makes it feel as if it was fate that Master T specifically chose this title. Yes, ‘Mynheer’ is how I will call Him from now on. It feels like it was fate; like it was written in the stars that this should be His title…

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