A couple of hours

memorylaneEric (not his real name) was another man I met online, just like Mike and Doug. However, I did not meet Eric on a chat site. I met him on a site where I used to post naked pictures of myself. Yep, I was naughty like that. Eric and I started to email each other and built up quite a nice friendship. We started chatting to each other to, whenever we could. He lived in a totally different time zone than I did, so it wasn’t always easy to chat to each other. We mainly communicated in email.

One day he told me that he had to travel to Europe for business and he was planning to stay over in a city close to where I lived for at least one night. He asked whether we could meet and of course I said yes. He had some requests when I came to meet him. I had to bring my small vibrator, my silicone butt plug and my anal beads. I promised.

Two weeks later I was on my way to the hotel where he would be staying. We met each other in the lobby. It was awkward for a couple of moments, since this was the first time we faced each other in person. But soon we both felt at ease. He asked me if there was a place where I could drive out to – a quiet place. I actually had no idea where to go, until I remembered a place where I used to work. There was a huge parking area and even if there would be people in the buildings, we could park far away from it and have some privacy. I was right.

We sat in the car and just spoke to each other for a while. Then he asked me whether I was had the toys with me. I nodded. He asked me to spread my legs. I turned in my seat to face him, put my right foot on his left leg and hiked the skirt I was wearing up. My glistening pink pussy greeted him. He asked me to slip the vibrator in my pussy. I did. Maybe I even climaxed at his request. It was nice pleasing myself with him watching me. Next he wanted me to slip the butt plug into my ass. This was an especially erotic moment, slipping it into me with my legs spread wide and him so close to me in the confined space.

I arched my hips, pushing my crotch forward and upwards so he could see the purple plug. He had already asked my permission to make some photos and was now making photo’s of the plug too. Also when I pushed the white vibrator back into my wet pussy. I still have all these photos. Next he wanted me to expose my breasts. I glanced around to see whether there was no one watching us. There was not and since my shoulders were lower than the windows, I showed him my breasts.
“Let’s go back to the hotel,” Eric said.
I covered myself up and we drove back to the hotel.

I went up to his room, with him. In his bedroom he wanted to see more of the plug, but soon the plug was replaced by the anal beads. I was on my stomach on the bed, offering him both my holes to play with. One by one he pushed the beads inside and then pulled them out again, snapping photos. The small vibrator ended up in my ass too. I have no idea how many orgasms I had. My memory seems to fail me when I think of the time in the bedroom. How did we get naked? Did we undress each other or did we just get out of our clothes. Were we even entirely naked? Somewhere deep in my mind there is a memory of me lying on the side of the bed, almost falling off and him fucking me in this awkward position. Why were we both half on and half off the bed? I don’t know anymore.

What I also don’t know anymore is how the sex was. I have no idea. Did we climax? I don’t know. Yes, there were condoms and yes, there might have been orgasms. I suppose there were. The memory is just not clear. The clearest memory of our meeting is the part where we sat in my car.

I spoke to Eric for long after that and even way into my marriage with Master T. Not frequently though. He came and went. Eric was married back then and I suppose he still is. I alerted him about my blog and when I did Master T sent him some pics, but unfortunately the contact quickly dried up. I would like to think that Eric still occasionally reads my blog.

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