So what is squirting?
Squirting, or female ejaculation, is the expulsion of fluids from Skene’s glands that are located on the anterior wall of the vagina, around the lower end of the urethra. The Skene’s glands drain into the urethra and and near the urethral opening and they may be near or part of the G-spot. These glands are surrounded with tissue, which includes part of the clitoris and reaches up inside the vagina and swells with blood during sexual arousal. One thing that critics still debate over is whether female ejaculation is urine. However, it has been demonstrated that a large amount of lubricating fluid or filtered blood plasma can be secreted when these Sken’s glands are stimulated inside the vagina.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Sunday afternoon on a winter’s day. I was in my early twenties and still discovering my sexuality. Trying to warm up a bit, I lay down on a blanket on the floor in the rays of the sun shining in from the outside. The man I shared my life with at the time, lay down with me. His hand found the center of me. Soon I was leaning against his chest, my legs spread wide, my pussy illuminated by the sun and both of us watching his hand. My climax literally erupted from me as I squirted fluids at least half a meter from me. We were both equally surprised as this had never happened before.

I cannot remember what the man’s reaction was and I cannot even clearly remember how I felt about it. I might have been freaked out, but I think I would have remembered if I was. I might have wondered where the fluids came from. I might have decided to just ignore what happened, as I cannot remember if it ever happened again. Not with that man anyway, and not in many of the relationships I had after that. The first man I have ever felt totally comfortable to just be my sexual self with, was Master T.

A summer’s evening. Master T knew I was horny and in need of an orgasm. He told me to wait for Him on the bed. I wanted to know whether I should lie on my back or on my stomach.
“Surprise me,” he said.
I was on my stomach by the time he walked into the bedroom. My legs were spread, my breathing quick, my pussy wet. I was horny.
“I know what you want,” He said, “but will you get what you want?”
I moaned. I did not care what would follow, as long as there would be an orgasm in there for me.

He ran His hand over my buttocks and thighs, then back up again, over my back and back to my behind. I expected Master T to concentrate on anal play, but seconds later I knew that I should just let things happen as I never know what He had in mind for me. His fingers found my clitoris. I spread my legs more to allow Him easier access. My first orgasm did not come easy, even though I was horny. Master T’s fingers stayed on my clitoris, frigging. My next orgasm came a bit quicker than the first one. A rush of air escaped my mouth as Master T pushed two fingers inside my pussy. Instantly I felt His fingers on my G-spot. I arched my back, lifted my hips and spread my legs more.

My world seemed to center around the sensations His fingers caused inside me. I was only aware of the intense feeling between my legs. Of a fast building orgasm. He pulled His wet fingers out and rubbed my clitoris. Almost instantly I climaxed. I felt the fluids running from my folds. I have squirted.

His fingers pushed into me again. Intense sensations. A building of an orgasm. Moaning. My moans. Quick breathing. Wet fingers on my clitoris. Again I climaxed and yet again it was wet. His fingers disappeared into me again. My orgasms followed each other quickly. The more He stimulated my G-spot, the wetter my orgasms became.

The bed after a “squirting session”
(not on the same night as mentioned in the text)

“You’re so fucking wet,” He said. I could not talk. My answer was a grunt of satisfaction.
“I love it when you’re this wet,” He spoke again as at the same time He pulled His fingers from me and rubbed my clitoris. The combination of His voice and His fingers had me climaxing quickly again. I felt the fluids rushing from my body and running down my stomach towards the sheet under me. It was warm, but quickly turned colder under me.
“Good girl,” He said as His fingers disappeared back into me.

Squirting orgasm after squirting orgasm followed and I later I remembered thinking that the amount of fluid coming from my pussy was incredible. The longer He stimulated my G-spot, the more fluids seem to build and the harder I climaxed and squirted once He touched my clitoris. Not once did I climax from only G-spot stimulation. The combination of G-spot stimulation and Master T frigging my clitoris sent me over the edge every time. I was amazed at my own wetness and I did not want Him to stop. My body was craving these orgasms and they only served to intensify my horniness. They tired my body, but not my mind. They satisfied my desire, but did not quench my thirst for more. I needed and wanted more… something Master T understood and granted, until He pushed my buttocks apart and I knew the focus would shift to something else…

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6 thoughts on “Squirting

  1. I remember the first time I squirted… It surprised him and I both. He looked surprised, a little panicked… As in ‘what the hell did you just spray all over me, woman?!’

    Ahh… Good times. I am so glad I’m older now and with men who are a little more … experienced.

  2. My husband has been the first man to get me to squirt, and for the most part it’s mostly uncontrollable (though if I really want and focus hard enough, I can stop it). The first time he thought I peed the bed, and the shame I felt in him thinking that, and me not even knowing what the hell just happened, has still made the experience not very pleasurable for me.
    It’s nice to read positives about this, as maybe if I had read something of a positive nature beforehand I would have embraced the experience a bit more. I really do appreciate this post. For the most part, I still feel it is more of an inconvenience with how wet the bed will get rather than a great experience, but I need to learn to enjoy the experience more.

    1. There were times where I felt ashamed of squirting too, but mostly it was because the man I was with did not understand what happened and I could not explain it. Master T loves it when I squirt and makes me feel so proud if it comes in gushes. I feel like I am pleasing Him with it and nowadays I do not mind the wet bed anymore. Okay, I have to do the laundry a bit more, but that’s the only ‘inconvenience’ to squirting 🙂

      I hope you learn to enjoy the experience luv, as squirting really is something special! And very natural!

  3. Hi Rebel, your fine blog makes me wonder how this feels. Are you aware of your body building up the tension towards an ejaculation? And if so, can you ‘manage’ that tension. I mean, up to a certain extent I can regulate my ejaculation. Suppress it for a while or even pospone it. Can you do that as well? Or don’t you feel it coming at all and it just suddenly happens? And, if for some reason you don’t want to squirt — for example, you just changed that blankets 🙂 — are you than capable to avoid it? Lost of questions, but I’m really very curious. Kindest regards, Kinquie

    1. Oh Kinquie, how do you manage to do this over and over again. So many interesting questions here and so many answers I want to give you. Keep an eye on the blog for another post about squirting. Your questions will be answered there 🙂

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