Rose Petals

On Sinful Sunday it’s all about the image.

I am running behind on the challenges of the 26 by 26 project.

Challenge 12 has been set in early August and towards the end of August Master T and I had time to shoot some photos for different challenges.

Challenge 12 was:

Photograph a fake
~ Andreas Gefeller

Fake rose petals
(click to enlarge)

 These fake rose petals have been given to me by a Dutch Twitter follower whom we have met during our summer holidays.

Such a kind gesture!

© Rebel’s Notes

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This post was chosen as one of top 5 images of the week. The roundup has been made by John D Stories and this is what he said about the image:
American Beauty meets The Secretary! Rebel looks a lot sexier than either Mena Suvari or Maggie Gyllenhaal managed, with her subtly arranged rose petals hiding her most intimate of parts. I adore the attention to detail: the red of the petals matching the nails, the stockings and cuffs and how the eye is naturally drawn into the photograph and along the body. Fabulous! 

34 thoughts on “Rose Petals

  1. I remember seeing this last week and realizing this afternoon that I forgot to comment on how lovely this photograph is!

    I love it! Brilliant shot Master T! And of course, you look beautiful and stunning Rebel!

  2. Fantastic picture; I adored the splash of red on the nails against the red rose petals and the lovely attire.

    Amazing photograph!

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