Strict Leather Vampire Gloves

Strict Leather Vampire Gloves

Not so long ago, SexToys123 approached me to ask whether I would be willing to do a product review for them. I sent them a list of four items which I would want to review. Looking on their website a couple of hours after I had sent the first mail, I came across another item that I wanted to add to the list. I didn’t tell them, but deep down I hope that they would sent me this last item I added. And they did! I have always wanted to try vampire gloves, so can you imagine my excitement when I received them? I bet you can!

Packaging & Contents
I received a small square box with only an address label on it. The box was addressed the way I have requested and on the outside of the box was no mention of the contents. This is the discretion I expect of a sex shop when they send me toys, whether it is to review it or whether I have ordered it.

I was a bit disappointed when I opened the box though. The vampire gloves were not in a box or nice bag or any other kind of packaging that shows the manufacturer, information about the gloves or any kind of warnings in use. It was in a clear Ziploc bag and the only other contents of the box was the packing slip. I didn’t know if this meant that the vampire gloves are always packed like this or whether the supplier had kept the packaging back on purpose, so I asked them. Their answer was that this item does not have any special packaging. This, in my opinion, is a shortcoming. I prefer to receive any item I buy in a nice box with at least some information about the manufacturer and the product.

The Strict Leather Vampire Gloves are made of lam skin and have nearly 100 tacks of about 3mm (1/8 inch) in length. The tacks are situated on the fingers and thumb of the gloves. Around the wrist there is a button snap to allow a snug fit around the wearer’s arm, but it has only one position which means that you cannot have it tighter if this one setting is still not snug enough.

How does it work?
The vampire gloves are made for sensation play. Do you like the feeling of nails scratching over your back? Then these gloves are for you and it will give you a more intense feeling that nails. The gloves are lovely and soft on the inside. The tacks on the gloves will not puncture the skin unless they are used for impact play, which to some people might mean that the gloves are used out of context and others will just love if these are used that way.

Because the tacks can break the skin, the gloves should not be used on more than one person, due to the danger of infecting each other. This definitely is a one person toy.

My experience with the toy
DSC_5053aI had two different experiences with the toy, both on the day we have received it. In the afternoon we had a play session. My bottom was already red after it felt the paddle, the flogger and the dragon tail whip. I asked to be spanked with the vampire gloves and begged that it should be built up. He started softly and slowly built it up. I loved the feeling. Yes, the harder He hit me, the more I felt it, but I did not want Him to stop. In fact, I wanted more. When He stopped, there were some places where he had broken the skin and drew some blood.

That evening He used the gloves on my breasts, my tummy, my inner thighs and later on my back and buttocks. It was quite painful to feel the tacks on my nipples, but it did not break my skin. It felt okay on my tummy and it was absolutely delightful to feel it on my inner thighs. The higher on my thighs, the better. It excited me enormously.

He applied more pressure on my back and buttocks than on the front. I have always loved to feel His nails scratching hard on my back, but the vampire gloves are just so much better. In long strokes He moved from my shoulders down over my buttocks, leaving long red lines.

By the time He was finished my skin was glowing all over and it had a nice red color.

My opinion of the toy
DSC_5056aI simply love this toy and it has already been used again after we have tried it out for this review.

Going against some warnings we have found, we will use it for impact play too. However, I cannot emphasize it enough: if you use vampire gloves, make sure you use them only on one person. Always be safe!

Where to buy?
The Strict Leather Vampire Gloves can be ordered from SexToys123

Thanks to SexToys123 for sending me the gloves to test and for the timely communication whenever I had any questions.

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