I have written about the first time ever I swallowed when performing fellatio on a man and I have written about Master T being sucked by two women. I have also written a silly piece which featured some deep throating and soon there will be a true story about me sucking and swallowing two men within the space of fifteen to twenty minutes.

So you see, stories enough on here, so I decided to do this kink-of-the-week post a bit differently, by answering Jade’s questions.

Everybody loves a blow job, right?!?
Or do they? I know for certain that not everyone loves giving one.
My humble opinion is that most men like to receive, but that there are a lot of women who prefer not to suck a man. I for one love to suck Master T and love to suck another man, knowing Master T is watching. However, there was a time that I did not particularly like to suck a man, because I was afraid he might climax in my mouth. Until I learned to enjoy it…

Do you? Is giving or receiving a blow job a particular kink of yours? Or is it a pleasant activity, but one you can do with or or without?
Giving a blow job is not a particular kink of mine, but when Master T tells me to suck Him, I do enjoy it. I love to feel His body reacting to the touch of my tongue, my lips and my hands. Pleasing Him is something I love to do and if He wants me to please Him, using my mouth, I enjoy it too.

Are blow jobs kinky?
Are there certain things that make them so?
I would not describe blow jobs as kinky, but there definitely are certain things that make them kinky. One thing that makes a blow job feel kinky to me is when Master T expects of me to suck another man while He watches. Other than that I just see it as part of sex, part of the way in which I please my Husband.

And here’s the question I always turn over in my mind: is giving a blow job a submissive act? Or is the person doing it actually the one with the power?
Whether giving a blow job is a submissive act or whether the one giving the blow job is the one with the power, is a decided by the mindset of the people involved. Master T can order me to give Him a blow job and then let me go to sleep without even touching me. That makes me feel submissive, because He decided that it was all about His pleasure and none about mine. I have actually never felt like I am the one with all the power when I sucked Him, but I also do not feel submissive every time I suck Him. It all depends on my mindset.

Are you a blow job expert (at getting or receiving?) Do you have secret tips and tricks that you use to get your partner off? (Yes, I wanna hear them!)
If you ask Master T He will tell you that I am an expert. On several occasions He has said that I should make an instruction video to teach others. I do not see myself as an expert. It still happens that I am asking myself whether I am even doing it ‘right’ and whether it really is as pleasing as I hope it is. I know exactly how to get Master T off, but that does not necessarily apply to any other man. However, recently I got a nice compliment from another man, but you will have to wait until next week to read about that.

If you ask me what exactly I do when I suck Master T (or any other man), I would probably not be able to tell you exactly. I suck, I lick, I flick my tongue over the frenulum and circle it around the head. I refrain from using my hand in the beginning as my experience is that a combination of my hand and my mouth gets Him off very quickly. And most of all, while I am sucking, I am enjoying myself. All my attention, all my energy goes into what I am doing. Whether that is why the men like it? I have no idea. I will just continue to do what I do.

And now here’s the REAL question: Do you deep throat?
There was a time when Master T started training me to take Him deep in my mouth, but now I am mostly the one setting the pace for it, deciding how deep I want to take Him into my mouth. I would love to deep throat though. And not with me on top, but with me on my back on a table or on the bed and having someone fucking my mouth, my throat. But I believe that I will have to practice more to be able to do that. Or it might forever just be a fantasy of mine…

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10 thoughts on “Fellatio

  1. I find it easier with my head over the edge of a bed – it also seems easier when I’m fully aroused. The practice is fun, either way 🙂

  2. Fascinating answers to the questions. It’s interesting how you got over your fear of his cumming in your mouth. Considering gagging is a hard limit for me I am afraid of it. Not of the taste, I’ve licked his cum off of him before but just of the huge amount he expels and the force of it. Maybe I’ll just find my courage at some point as well.

    1. Strangely enough I don’t mind Him coming in my mouth, but licking His cum off Him is something I have never done and hope I never have to do.

  3. I think I might have to re-think whether I want to deep throat over the edge of a bed. When I wear a gag I also feel like I am going to choke on the saliva and I can imagine the feeling being worse when you’re upside down.

    Rebel xox

  4. Very interesting answers to the questions. I am interested to learn how you got over the fear of having him climax in your mouth. I certainly have that fear!

    1. It just happened! I did not do anything special to get over the fear. It just happened. Sorry luv, I wish I could give you some tips on that!

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  6. Lovely post! I love how you answered all the questions! As for deep throating the key is relaxation and the man knowing when you need air to unblock the airway that his cock is blocking! Keep practising – it’s fun!

    ~Mia~ xx

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