A date: Take two part 2

Continued from… A date: Take two part 1

DSC_5462a1At some stage my dress was removed. The Traveler held my hands, then told me to turn around and put my hands on the chair. He guided me, as I was still blindfolded. Soon his heavy hand landed on my buttocks, spanking hard. Like with the inner thigh spanking, I liked this and would have loved for it to go on for longer than it did. The Traveler wanted to try the dragon whip. It’s strange how when he used it on me, it felt different than when Master T uses it on me. Not only did The Traveler spank me, but he also used the fairy while I was bent over. I could handle it, more or less, until he turned it full speed. For about five minutes after that I felt as if I was still climaxing. I love the fairy, but this was so intense that I just had to sit for a couple of minutes to come back down to earth.

I was stood up by the two men. Master T took my dress off and both men came to stand on either side of me. Master T put my hand on His crotch and told me that I had another hand. I knew what was expected of me. With both of my hands touching and fondling the men’s crotches, they were pinching my nipples and slapping my ass. Next they helped me to kneel on the towel that The Traveler was kind enough to put on the floor. The Traveler asked me if I knew what would follow.
“I think I will have something in my mouth soon,” I said.
“Ah, you really are a clever girl,” he chuckled.
I heard them talking about who would go first. Master T appeared in front of me. I took Him in my mouth and in my hand. I know exactly what He likes and I know exactly when and how to do what He likes. At first I only sucked Him and kept my hand still at the base of His cock. My mouth worked up and down His shaft. I took Him in as deep as I could and then just licked under the head, flicking my tongue over the frenulum.

DSC_5481a“Don’t bite,” I heard The Traveler say and seconds later I knew what he meant. While I was sucking Master T, The Traveler used the dragon tail on my ass again. This was quite an interesting sensation, being whipped by one while I was sucking the other. Hard pleasure in my mouth and stingy fun on my bottom. I concentrated on the hardness in my mouth. I started to move the hand that was still resting at the base of Master T’s cock. Up and down his shaft while I was licking and sucking. I knew this would soon get Him over the edge. It did not take long before I heard His grunts and felt His cum spurting into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could and licked every drop off His cock.

DSC_5490aI had a couple of minutes before The Traveler took Master T’s place in front of me. I heard the rustling of his clothes when he stood in front of me. I held my hand up, waiting for him to guide me to where I should be. When I placed my hand on his cock I instantly remembered him from years before. The same when I placed my mouth around his cock. He is so much different from Master T. One cock was circumcised, the other not. With one it was easier to move my hand up and down the shaft, with the other it was not. I was not the only one who remembered.
“Mmm I remember this,” The Traveler said as soon as my mouth was on his cock. It made me smile. He put my free hand on his balls. I sucked and at the same time fondled him. He remarked how there are some perfect things in life and that a blow job definitely is one of those favorite things.
“And it’s even better if the person giving a blow job knows what she’s doing and you, my dear, definitely know what you are doing.”

This remark totally elevated me. It felt so good to hear it. I continued to suck The Traveler and my hand did not stop moving either. When I moved a bit slower The Traveler pushed his hips forward and fucked my mouth. I quickly resumed my mouth movements over his cock and was surprised when suddenly his cum spurted right in the back of my throat. I almost gagged, but quickly swallowed and was ready for the next wave. While swallowing the thought crossed my mind that The Traveler’s cum was more watery than that of Master T. I swallowed all and sat back, satisfied.

Master T told me that I could take the blindfold off and there for the first time that afternoon and for the first time in three years, I saw The Traveler again. I sat at their feet for quite some time before The Traveler left to go back to the office. I was content, felt used and at peace with myself and the world. It was only after The Traveler had left that I discovered that I had slightly bruised inner thighs and that I had faint lines on my hands and wrists where the cuffs cut into my skin when The Traveler spanked me. I could not stop looking at the mark. It was much later that afternoon that I suddenly had a squeeeeee moment, thinking about the great date we had!

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7 thoughts on “A date: Take two part 2

  1. So is that now the only two men that you have had cum in your mouth? I remember reading somewhere here that the only man that had and would likely cum in your mouth was Master T. If so how does it make you feel and does it please Master T?

    Fabulous sexy and very horny post!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. Indeed, there was a time when I said that about Master T. Then we met the couple we play with and I ended up swallowing the Master. Uh, I mean his cum! And then, this friend of ours. So I am up to three men I have swallowed up to now and I cannot promise that there won’t be a fourth 😉

      And it indeed pleases Master T. He expects of me to swallow them or allow them to fuck me if He wants that and the other man wants it too.

      Rebel xox

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