A date: Take two part 1

For years now – yes, literally for years – we have been trying to make a date with an old friend of mine, The Traveler. We just could not seem to align our agenda’s. Oh, there was the one time when he was invited to join us in a hotel, but unfortunately a meeting kept him incredibly occupied. I don’t think his attention was with the meeting though! With him being very busy and us both working full time, it has proven to be quite a challenge to make a date for some sexy fun. Until recently during our holiday. We had a three week window in which we also had a venue to use and we wanted to see each other in the first week and then maybe again in the last week, but something unexpected made that impossible. We could only see each other on the last day of our holiday.

Two days before the date I was incredibly horny and nervous. My horny feelings were intensified because Master T told me that I was not allowed to have any orgasms until our date. The day before our date I was quite calm. Yes, I was a bit horny, but other than that I was actually quite calm. It might have been because I did not sleep well the night before. The reason for not sleeping well was that I was constantly thinking about our date and wondered what might happen. That, combined with the horniness, kept me awake until 3.15am!

Then the day of our date arrived…

Open invitation…

When I woke up I was surprised not to feel as nervous as I thought I would be. We left just after 11am as we were meeting our friend at noon and Master T wanted to ‘prepare’ me first. I knew what I had to wear, but I also knew that there would be more preparations. As soon as we arrived at the venue I changed into my lacy dress, stockings and my new black heels. Then Master T put cuffs around my ankles and wrists and my collar around my neck. He told me to spread my legs, but apparently they were not spread wide enough, so He put the spreader bar between my feet. About fifteen minutes before our friend was about to arrive, Master T blindfolded me.

I heard them walk up the stairs and suddenly I did feel the nerves. But only for a couple of seconds. I didn’t know whether I should smile or not when I heard the approving noises coming from The Traveler. I felt hands on my breasts and knew it should be The Traveler’s. It was confirmed when I heard him talk. Both men sat down across from me. Master T told The Traveler that I have not been allowed to climax since the beginning of the week.
“Show us what you want,” He said and I knew I was allowed to orgasm. I started to masturbate. My pussy was quite wet already and after a couple of days of not being allowed to have an orgasm, I really wanted one. Still, my first orgasm was a bit weak. My second totally made up for it as it was quite wet. Not a squirting orgasm, but definitely nicer than the first one. I think I had another orgasm, but soon things started to blur into each other.

Hand print

There were moments that I did not know whose hands was on me or if both of the men were pinching my nipples. But there were times that I definitely knew who was touching me. Like when The Traveler slapped my inner thighs. God that hurt! God that felt good! I wanted more and I got more. He spanked my pussy and then returned to my inner thighs. Back to my pussy and back to my inner thighs. The Traveler told me if I wanted it to stop, I had to beg. I was not planning on begging him to stop, but the continuous slapping started to sting too much.
“Please, please stop?”
He continued.
“Please, please?”
“Please what?” he said.
“Please, Sir,” I answered and he stopped.

I think it was then that the spreader bar came off and the wrist cuffs were removed. Or it might have been later. I don’t know. Things are quite blurred. I cannot remember the chronological sequence of events. I was fingered. Fingers deep inside me, touching my G-spot. I knew it was The Traveler’s fingers. They feel different than Master T’s. A wave of my orgasm flooded his fingers and the chair under me. Not once, but twice. A towel was placed under me and the fairy was introduced. More orgasms followed, some of them wetting the towel under me even more. My nipples were pinched and again I did not know whose hand was where or if I was even touched by both of them at the same time.

M’s hand on my pussy…

Master T told me to stand up and my dress was pulled up and Master T demonstrated the needly nipple clamps to The Traveler. One of them fingered me while the clamps were on and then I felt something against the opening of my pussy. I thought it was a dildo, but while writing this I think it was the fairy, but they did not switch it on. This took my attention away from the hurt of the clamps, but soon I felt the hurt again as the toy was removed. I think I had an orgasm and then the clamps were removed. I was also whipped on the breasts and pussy. I recognized one of the smaller whips and knew that The Traveler was doing the whipping.
“You want another?” he asked.
I laughed, saying that it was an unfair question. I did not know whether he wanted to hear yes or no and what the consequences of a wrong answer would be. It was quiet until I understood he was waiting for my answer. I said yes. And each time before he hit me, either on my breasts or my pussy, he waited for me to say yes or nod.

To be continued… Take two part 2

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