Book Review: Serving Him – Sexy Stories of Submission – Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

The book:
servinghimI received the Kindle version of this book from Rachel Kramer Bussel, after she had asked for people who would be willing to review the book. Directly after the title page, you find the table of contents, where you can click through to any of the 22 stories in this book, or to read more about the different authors or the editor.

The editor:
Rachel Kramer Bussel is an author, editor and blogger. She has edited more than 50 anthologies and has written for a lot of different (online) publications.

You can find Rachel online on:
her website
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The stories:

What you deserve by Lori Selke
A nice story about a starting BDSM relationship between Deidre and Jake. Jake tells Deirdre that she would be getting what she deserves and added some instructions for their night together. And Deidre indeed gets what she deserves. Sexy story!

Coffee Break by Kristina Wright
This story is super hot. Meredith is in a coffee shop when she gets her instructions from her sir, and after only some hesitation, she does what he wants her to do. Especially the last paragraph totally echoed my words: “it’s all about what I need and want, even if I can’t find the words to say it.”

Chattel by Errica Liekos
Sasha is happily married to Alex, but still going to the movies or the opera with friends. She wants to share those things with Alex, but he does not mind her going out alone. Until one evening, he took charge. I love the turn in this story, the fact that she has freedom within her confinement.

Under Direction by Teresa Noelle Roberts
A story written in the first person about a Dom that wants his sub to peg him. She raised the same objections I would if ever I am asked something like this. Even though I wanted to stop reading, I could not as I wanted to know where it would lead. This story has some figurative text in it which I found did not enhance the story, such as mention of Barry White or the known river in Egypt.

The Letter by Tiffany Reisz
I am a huge fan of Tiffany Reisz and this story yet again proves to me that she has quite a way with words. The way the woman in this story solves a difficult situation with a new lover is something that I could have done. Great story!

Run, Baby, Run by Vida Bailey
A story of submission after a nightly hunt. The story has three parts. The first and third parts made sense to me, but with the middle part I was a bit lost. I went back to re-read it, but still could not really figure out just where it fit into the story. Still, I like the chasing and the midnight submission.

Tackling Jessica by Maxine Marsh
With a title like this I knew there would be something about a tackle in the story, but that the story would have such a great twist to it, I did not expect! Great story of a woman craving submission and a man wanting to dominate.

Safe, Sane and Consensual by Ariel Graham
This story definitely is one of my favorites in this book! I just love how Annie submits!

The Golden Ruler by Giselle Renarde
Meghan begs Lowell to spank her, but he just cannot hear her. She aches for him and knows he knows, but still nothing happens, until… no, you will just have to read this story yourself!

I Always Do by Kiki DeLovely
Just like the story Under Direction by Teresa Noelle Roberts in this book, this story does not really appeal to me. Yet again it is about actions being inflicted on the Dom that I have my objections to, but I do respect that these things indeed happen. My own feelings while reading this story distracted me from the writing, which is not bad at all.

Pinky by Kissa Starling
Another beautiful story of submission. This time submission to both a man and a woman. There is dominance in this story, but also a lot of tenderness.

The Breaking Point by Cole Riley
A story that gives a stranger an insight into a girl’s submission. It’s something he does not understand and she tries her best to explain it to him, and then show him.

Shining In The Dark by Bex vanKoot
This story really is beautiful and very well written! As an amateur artist, this story really got to me. What is better than painting a canvas with your own bodily fluids. See how Lily paints her canvas.

Room #3 by Emily Bingham
Making an appointment to submit to a man and then ending up finding an unexpected but pleasant surprise in the room where they meet. This story is hot!

Duo by J. Sinclaire
“Submission is the first step on a path fraught with pleasure.”
This sentence is part of the introductory piece to this hot story of a woman submitting to two men, and experiencing incredible pleasure because of this.

Breath by Mollena Williams
Another great story of submission, of giving up to him in a session of breath play. Breath play is one of my hard limits, but damn, this is a hot story!

Silver Fish In The Crystal Pool by Gina Marie
A scene of dominance and submission out in nature. The mindfuck in this story is brilliant. Oh, and I love the use of metaphors!

The Secret Of Time Travel by Jacqueline Applebee
There is some sadness in this story, but at the same time it enhances Jennifer’s submission to her Sir. The switching between the scenes – the now and the then – brings the story to live and gives you a more complete picture of Jennifer.

Bared by Gray Miller
No soft sex, but rough sex, hard play and ropes bound these two bodies together in his dominance and her submission.

In His Control by Jade Melisande
This definitely is one of my favorite stories in this anthology. The building up of the plot, Juliette’s thoughts about her submission and where it leads her. Just beautiful!

Paper Doll by Joy
Another story in which it is so evident that letting go of your fears and just submitting is such a powerful thing to do!

Subbing by Rachel Kramer Bussel
What can I say about this story? This is just hot. Daddy-girl is not my thing, but damn, I would have wanted to be this girl with this Daddy anytime, in a scene like this! Hot!

My opinion:
If you are looking for a book with a collection of stories where the writers clearly understand the subject ‘submission’, this book is for you. Where the stories all share this subject, they definitely are entirely different from each other. Rachel Kramer Bussel has made a great choice in selecting exactly these 22 stories to put together in one book.


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