40 orgasms; 45 minutes

I had a day out with a kinky friend and watched her perform a task for her Master. Watching her made me feel very horny and the horny feelings did not leave me that entire evening. I literally squirmed on my chair while we had dinner. I knew her task was a difficult one. Not being allowed to climax made her feel incredibly horny. Even so, I teased her about it and in turn she teased me about my horny feelings. We had so much fun that day.

I was home quite late that evening and told Master T all about my afternoon and evening. I was still horny and roundabout midnight He told me that I should perform my task for the day. I was busy with number 34 on my 101 list and was up to day 14.

On day 13, the evening before, Master T also told me to lie on the floor and work on my orgasms. Then I just pushed my hand in my pants and after I had my five orgasms, He told me that since He could see nothing, I had to go to the hallway, undress and lie down with one foot against each side of the door frame and then I had to have three more orgasms. The next two orgasms I had on the table in the lounge, in full sight of the street.

Now, on day 14 I made sure that He could see exactly what I was doing. I took my leggings off, kept my skirt on, lay down on the floor and spread my legs wide for Him to see. My first orgasms was quick. The second one was quite wet and I felt the fluids running from my pussy towards the floor. I quickly moved my skirt in under me to prevent the fluids from running onto the carpet. I pushed my fingers into my pussy. Master T remarked on the sounds of wetness. My third and fourth orgasms were wet too and the fifth one followed quickly too. I wanted to stand up, but Master T’s voice kept me on the floor.

“Carry on with your orgasms until 12.30am.”

I glanced at the time on the wall. It was 12.12 and I had to continue fingering myself for 18 minutes. This did not sound that difficult and I have learned in the past that sometimes the time flies by. However, this time it did not. I was still horny and one wet orgasm after the other followed.

I can climax quite quickly and orgasms can be either wet or not, but all those orgasms are almost like foreplay and helps to make me hornier and to work towards an all-consuming orgasms that will leave me panting and almost unable to touch myself.

And all the time I had to count my orgasms out loud. Once or twice I had to think really hard what number I was at, but since Master T did not stop or correct me, I think I counted it right. Orgasms 28 told me my big orgasms was very close. I asked Master T what time it was, hoping deeply that it was 12.30am already or at least close enough so I could stop right after a big orgasm. I still had five minutes left.

Orgasm 29 took hold of my body so strongly that I arched my back and shivered as all my nerve endings seemed to tingle all at once. I knew I had to go on and knew if I waited too long Master T would probably punish me. I held my hand on my clitoris and then slowly started moving my fingers again. I wanted to pull my hand away but I resisted the urge. I moaned and squirmed and slowly moved my fingers over my swollen and sensitive clitoris. At 12.30am Master T stopped me. I had 32 orgasms.

I expected Him to tell me to stop, but instead He told me to go to the kitchen. I had to select any utensil I want to and then stimulate my anus while bringing myself to more orgasms, until I have reached 40. I got up, went to the kitchen and after opening several drawers, I selected a wooden spoon with a thin handle. I went back to the lounge and lay down on the floor again.

45-minutesI pushed just the tip of the handle of the wooden spoon into me, then rolled over on my back and trapped the wooden spoon between my foot and my backside. Slowly my hands went back to work on my clitoris. After 13 days of five masturbatory orgasms every day and so many orgasms on this evening, my flesh was tender and sore. It took a great effort on my side to work my orgasm count up to 40.

When I got up to go to the kitchen and thoroughly wash the wooden spoon, I saw that in total, from the moment I got off the couch to start, I was busy for 45 minutes.

40 orgasms in 45 minutes. I think this is a record for me.

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