Talking dirty


I melt. I feel myself go all mushy inside. I look at Him and wonder if my eyes show the adoration I feel. I arch my back, moving my body closer to His.


His voice is but a whisper. The single word is filled with love and dominance. No contempt. His finger is hooked into the ring on my collar, pulling me closer and forcing me to keep my eyes on His face.


The word fits me like a glove. I am a whore. His whore. I want to be His whore. Not only in bed, but always.

“I am your whore,” I whisper.

“You will be a whore to anyone I want.”

* * * * *

Those words send delicious shivers down my spine every time Master T says them. Yes, I know He is the one who chooses who I have sex with. He is the one who ‘whores’ me out. He is the one who decides who I have sex with. My body is His and I love when He reminds me of this during sex, or even when we just lie close to each other in bed, His arm around me, my head on His shoulder.

This is not the only kind of dirty talk during sex. We do not talk a lot, but we do have our moments. Like when he urges me to climax with the words: “come for me, slut.” Hearing the words “your pussy is so wet” make me feel proud in a strange way. The words “your ass was made to play with” while His fingers are buried inside my can send me over the edge toward a huge orgasm.


“Use your mouth, bitch,” are other words that get me into action quickly. And “yes, this is what your mouth is for” while I am sucking Him instantly make me long for Him to fuck me. It seems that whenever there is talking during sex, Master T is the one talking. I barely talk, other than to ask for permission to climax or to answer His questions.

Hearing Him calling me a whore or a slut or His bitch will never make me feel degraded or make me angry or give me an inferiority complex. I know He loves and adores me. He respects me. I am His wife and His best friend. I am also His lover, His sub, His whore, His bitch and His slut. And I am proud to be all those things to Him. It makes me feel whole.

* * * * *

“Tell me what you are?”

“A slut.”

“Yes. A slut. And?”

“A whore.”

“MY whore.”

I nod.

“My whore and I can do with you whatever I want,” He continues.

I nod again.

“I want to watch when another man fucks you. I want to see him using your body. Fucking you. Using you the way you should be used.”

I clench my thighs to quiet the stirring between my legs.

“You are made to be fucked. Your body is made for my pleasure. For the pleasure of the men I allow to fuck you.”

I am incapable of speech.

“Whore!” He says as He pulls me closer and His other hand disappears between my legs.

I love it when He talks dirty to me!

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14 thoughts on “Talking dirty

    1. It’s nice to hear of a man that is more a listener too. Although I could not help to think that most men are talkers and most women are listeners, but of course, that is not true ๐Ÿ™‚

      Rebel xox

  1. I do love talking dirty. I agree that I am not just Anyone’s whore, but one for my dom. ๐Ÿ™‚ and it is wonderfully dirty and intimate all at once. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonderful post!

    1. Oh yes, a growl makes those words sound almost dangerous and sends tingles down my spine ๐Ÿ™‚

      Rebel xox

  2. I very rarely verbalise but when I do – oh boy!! Usually it is him that talks and oh does he talk dirty so well!! Just like your Master T its the way that it is said that means so much!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. I love how word spoke in the right way and time can make everything different. Master T sounds like an awesome master, I am glad you two found each other.
    Great post, thanks for sharing

  4. You’re just like me in that you prefer to listen rather than verbalise! There is just something about the words ‘slut’ and ‘whore’, isn’t there? Hearing them applied to you by someone who loves you. Jane xxx

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