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On Sinful Sunday itโ€™s all about the image, but this Sunday I am adding a little story.
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About a month ago Master T and I stayed overnight in our favorite hotel in Rotterdam. The ship, SS Rotterdam, was at the quay and passengers were boarding. Later that afternoon it departed from Rotterdam to wherever the cruise would be taking the passengers.

This first photo is of Master T making pictures of the departing ship. See how big the terrace is?
We were on the fourth floor and level to us was the fifth floor of the ship. It counted nine floors in total. The ship was less than 100 meters from the hotel, which means people on the upper two floors of the ship could easily see part of the roof terrace, especially when you walked from the door to the edge of the terrace to look at the river.

Master T on the roof terrace, me at the door of the terrace. There was about 6 meters between us.

But that was not the only place from where people could look onto the terrace.
The hotel has two tower rooms and one of those towers were about five meters from ‘our’ roof terrace and literally towering over it.The other tower was some 20-30 meters behind us, giving an unobstructed view on the terrace.

The tower closes to the roof terrace.
The second tower still had a clear view on the roof terrace.

I knew I could be seen, both from the boat and from the towers. At first this held me back, until I came to the point where I did not care anymore. And what happens when you do not care anymore? You walk out on the terrace, half naked!

Half naked on the terrace. I wonder whether anyone from the ship or the towers has seen me?


Some time later, after some orgasms, spanking and whipping, I did it again. Master T was making photos of the departing ship and because it was very windy and cold, I sat down to protect myself from the wind, but not from prying eyes from the closest tower.

Once again, I was half naked on the terrace. Next time we are in this room, I hope to be able to lie in the sun, naked.


I will leave it to Dee to decide which notch this should represent: roof or balcony.

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