Seks, Genot en Grenzen: Fisten of vuistneuken

Some time ago a question was posted on Twitter by the administrator of a website called “Stichting Info BDSM” which can be freely translated as the Info BDSM Foundation. This foundation is run by a group of volunteers from the Netherlands and part of Belgium and their goal is to spread objective information about BDSM. All of the volunteers have a social-psychological background.

The question they posted was about finding people who would be willing to write a piece about fisting. By then I had a couple of fisting experiences, both vaginal and anal and I told them I would write a piece and they could see whether it was what they were looking for. The editor explained that they are planning a series of books on different sexual subjects. They want to get information out there to get those subjects out in the open, to get people to talk about it and to try it. I think this is a good cause and this is one of the main reasons why I wanted to work with them.

I sent in two stories – one about vaginal fisting and the other about anal fisting, both in a BDSM setting. Both stories were true encounters between Master T and me.

Image of a Dutch book: Seks, Genot & Grenzen: Fisten of vuistneuken
Dutch book: Seks, Genot & Grenzen: Fisten of vuistneuken

I am very proud to say that both those stories have been accepted and published in the first book of the series “Seks, Genot & Grenzen” (Sex, Pleasure & Limits). These books are written in Dutch, but of course that does not make me less proud to be published!

For my Dutch readers, the book can be downloaded on the site of Stichting Info BDSM.

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