Second update: 101 things in 1001 days

101-1001aI was shocked to see that it has already been 5 months ago that I have last updated you about my progress on my 101 things in 1001 days project. Damn, if time flies this, will I ever be able to get through all my goals by October 2015? I am going to try though!

Blogging & writing
I have made some progress in the last five months on quite some of the goals in this category.

  • I have written a bio and posted it to the “About me” site. Thanks to some friends who helped me with it.
  • I have also entered the Smut Marathon, which is a ‘knockout race’ and in my eyes classifies as a competition. I am happy to say that I am through to the fifth round.
  • I have submitted three stories for possible publication. More to follow on that when I have had some feedback.
  • The story I started to write with a friend has come to a standstill due to the busy life of the friend. I might have to find someone else to write stories with, so if there’s anyone out there who would like to try it, please let me know.
  • I have read 8 books and posted reviews of 6 and am busy to read my 9th book.
  • The review for the rabbit vibrator has been written and posted.
  • Sadly, goal 18 has failed as EdenFantasys has stopped their sponsor program as well as communicating with people who have promoted them in the past. I have suspended my account with them.
  • I wrote two stories with a man as the main character, even though the goal was to write only one.
  • There are already three stories for you to read that has been written following a creative writing prompt. More will follow.
  • Three of the five information posts have been written and posted and I have about 3 more to follow!
  • Fanny Hill was the first book I have read from the Banned Books List. The review will follow.

I have been quite busy in this category too!

  • Five of the 20 notches I wanted for the Scavenger Hunt have been posted.
  • I am continually working on photoshopping my images and really enjoying this new found skill. I don’t think I will ever become an expert on this, but at least I can now be a bit more creative with my photos.
  • Because I am practicing with Photoshop, I have also posted a total of seven photo manipulations.
  • My Toy with me Tuesday count is up to 5 posts of the 15 I want to post before October 2015.
  • 9 of the 26 photo challenges have been executed.

You know I like sex, right?

  • Goal number 34 (Have 5 orgasm for 15 consecutive days) has been started on 28.07.2013
  • I’ve had my ass marked 3 of the 10 times I had set myself as goal.
  • We’ve had 3 of the 10 play dates I had set myself as goal.
  • I had sex with a woman 3 of the 10 times I had set myself as goal.

None of the other goals in this category has been completed.

Sexy art
I have started on two canvases and have an idea for the third.

Sexy socializing
I have been socializing a lot more this year than many of the preceding years. And guess what? I am loving it!

  • We have bought our tickets to Eroticon 2014 and booked our hotel and flight. We are ready!
  • Kissing Molly at Eroticon… yes, that happened and it was… bliss! There’s a link on my 101 list of a post that Molly did about that evening.
  • I have organized two more meetings for the Dutch writers and have three more meetings in the planning. The group is growing, which makes me very proud. We even now have our own website!
  • I have put the goal of attending a party of Erotic Meet London on failed, as they have changed the name has changed to Afterglow. I might visit one of Afterglow’s parties though.
  • I have been to the sauna with my best friend twice and have a third date planned, this time possible with more people joining us.
  • I have met so many more tweeps. You will have to check the list if you want to know who I have met.
  • I have finally remembered to leave my business card in one public bathroom, but have forgotten on so many other occasions.

Personal pampering
Two goals in this category have been completed and three others are in progress. Sometimes I am indeed pampering myself!

Together with Hubby
Two movies have been watched and I enjoyed both of them. I also had the tip to watch Crash and am halfway with it. I still have to watch the second half.

As these goals are frequently updated and all of them are totally out of my control, I direct you to my 101 list to see how I am progressing on these. I must add here that my Alexa ranking has increased enormously from when I have done the last update on this project. Back on 19 February my Alexa ranking was 572.928 and yesterday my ranking was 122.825. That really is a staggering difference. Also, with my Alexa ranking in the Netherlands being around 2400, I think I can safely say that this website is the best ranked English sex blog of the Netherlands. Believe me, I am very proud of this!

I am still enjoying the 101 crusade I have set myself and am wondering how others are getting along with their goals. Please let me know…

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