Removing hairs

Sometimes it take some time for me to realize if I have a problem with something, I will definitely not be the only one.

So let me explain…

As you can all see from photos on my website, I shave my pussy. I have done this since I was about 20 and after all these years I cannot imagine myself having pubic hair again. Yes, up to the point where Master T had made it compulsory for me to shave every day, I sometimes did not shave for three or four days. That, however, was the longest my pubic hair got in the last 25 years. After three or four days it irritated me so much that I just had to shave.

Ever since I had my clitoral hood piercing, I noticed that it’s more difficult to shave myself properly. Like probably so many other woman, I have a couple of hairs that seem to grow on the inside of my outer labia. When I had no piercings, those hair were easy enough to shave away, but ever since I have my clitoral hood piercing, I cannot seem to remove the hairs on the right side. The left side does not seem to be a problem. And since I have gotten my second set of labia piercings those hair started irritating me more and more. I just want my pussy to be beautiful without some stray hairs.

Of course, the first thing I did when this hairs really started bugging me was to check Internet to search for some solutions. I came across different forums and all of the people who gave advice, mentioned three options:
* sit on the side of the tub or the toilet, spread your legs wide and gently stretch the skin in different directions while shaving carefully.
* wax
* Veet

Waxing myself is not an option and using Veet to remove hairs from inside my pussy lips… nah, not an option either. So the one thing that remained was using the razor. But I have done that already… my labia keep on slipping from my fingers and from under the razor and the razor head is too thick to get in the ‘corner’ where I want to remove hair.

Then I had a bright idea…

I bought some disposable razors. The heads of these razors are thin and rectangular. I lay down on bed and pulled my labia up and sideways to stretch the skin. There they were – those hairs I cannot seem to remove when I shower and shave myself. I carefully removed them and thought I had removed all of them, but a couple of days later I discovered more stray hairs. Again I tried to remove it with a disposable razor, but I did not succeed. I grabbed my tweezers and pulled the hairs out one by one. It stung, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I had no discomfort at all after I pulled the hairs out.

It takes some time for the hairs inside my outer labia to get long enough to irritate me, but once it does I will apply this combined method to remove them – the disposable razors and the tweezers.

I know now I am not the only one with this problem. There are more out there and maybe you are one of them. Do you have a different method of removing those hairs and do you care to share your method? Sometime in the foreseeable future I will also try professional waxing, but for now at least I have found a solution to remove those stray hairs!

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