Product review: Icicles No. 5

When ThatPosition sent me the Streem Master Premium Shower Douche, they were also kind enough to send me the Icicles no 5 to review. I have done a review of the Icicles No. 16 – a sex toy I love – and I was curious to see if I would like the Icicles No. 5 just as much.
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DSC05493aPackaging & Contents
The Icicles No. 5 dildo is packed in a rectangular box with a door-like lid. When you open the lid, there is a window through which you can see the dildo. Actually, the box does not say ‘dildo’ anywhere, but calls it a glass massager. On the inside of the lid is some more information about the product.

Inside the box you find a firm foam bed for the glass massager. This protects the massager from any kind of outside impact.

Shape ‘n Size
The massager is 17.8cm long and has a diameter of 3.6cm. It is slightly curved to the end, which allows for G-spot stimulation. What I really liked is when I found the slight groove at the tip of this massager, which immediately made me think of the penis glans and the line running from the opening of the urethral opening to the frenulum. I love that this has been detailed on the toy.

The beautiful blue spiral around the shaft allows for a ribbing, which gives extra sensation when the toy is used. The toy has a flared base which also makes it possible to use this toy with a strap-on. I have even played around with it as a decoration.

The Icicles No 5 glass massager is made of hypoallergenic, nonporous glass. It is phthalates and latex free and perfectly safe to use. Obviously, the massager is waterproof.

How does it work?
You can use this toy as a normal dildo, with or without lube, depending on how wet you are. For extra sensations you can cool the toy under cold water or heat it up under warm water.

Clean the toy with warm water and a normal hand soap, make sure to clean it properly between the ridges, as you do not want any dried up lube or any of your dried up juices to be on it when you use it the next time. The toy can also be cleaned in the dishwasher or you can boil it to make really sure it’s clean. However, if you wash it with warm water and hand soap before and after use, it’s sufficient.

My experience with the toy
I washed the toy properly before I used it the first time (and the second and third – actually, I just wash it every time before and after use). As I was wet enough myself, I did not use any lube. The spiral around the shaft added a lovely sensation as I pushed the toy into me. Moving the dildo in and out intensified the sensations. The curve at the end was just not enough to touch my G-spot, unless I flexed my wrist to push it upwards. Reaching my G-spot with this dildo is not as easy as with my other glass dildo.

Even though this toy is just a bit less effective than the Icicles No 16, I really loved playing with it. It did not take long to reach an orgasm and in all honesty, the feeling of the glass and the ribbing around it really added to the wonderful feeling of masturbating with this beautiful toy.

DSC05498aMy opinion of the toy
I can honestly say that I much rather prefer to play with glass than toys made of any other material. This toy will always be within reach for those moments I do not only want to use my hands. Whether you want to buy your first dildo or you just want to expand your collection, I recommend the Icicles No. 5.

Where to buy?
You can buy the Pipedream Icicles No. 5 from ThatPosition for GBP 24.99

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