The first thing I thought about when I saw this week’s subject for Kink of the week was our very first play date. I was blindfolded and she wore a full facial mask, or a hood, with an opening only for her mouth. I suffer from claustrophobia, which can be mild but also very severe. I am also suffering from the effects of menopause (yes, I know, shocking! 😉 ) which means that I always feel hot and flustered. Just the thought of being hooded and feeling all warm and sweaty and restricted under it totally freaks me out.

From what I could find online, there are different kinds of hoods:

  • Full facial hoods that cover the head entirely, from top down to the neck;
  • Full facial hoods but with an opening for nose and/or mouth;
  • Full facial hoods, with openings for nose and/or mouth and eyes;
  • Half facial hoods which cover hair, forehead, ears, cheeks and back of neck, but leave the eyes, nose and mouth open.

hoodOf this last category I have even found a beautiful one on the site of The Pleasure Chest. A hood like this I would not mind wearing. I would not even have minded if this one had no holes for the eyes. As long as my mouth and nose are free and I can breath freely, I am okay.

That is actually the main thing that freaks me out about a hood – the fact that I might not be able to breathe. Breath play is one of my hard limits. I freak out when I have the feeling I cannot breathe. For this reason I do not sleep on my stomach, as I am afraid I might cut off my own breathing while sleeping. Another thing I cannot do is to sleep facing someone else. I cannot sleep inhaling the air someone else exhales. That makes me feel like I do not get enough air either. I know, this all might sound like totally irrational fears to some, but these fears are very real to me.

Facial hoods, even if they only put a bit of pressure on my nose and make me think I cannot breathe, are a no go for me. Still, the thought of a hand on my throat, applying some pressure… that excites me! But that is a totally different kink…

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6 thoughts on “Hoods

  1. I understand completely your fear of not being able to breathe in a hood. I don’t have claustrophobia, but I do get anxiety having my face covered sometimes, especially my nose.

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