Hickory, dickory, dock…


“Hickory, dickory, dock,
I want to suck your cock…”

Rose giggled as she chanted the nursery rhyme. Mark glanced at her. He was trying to work and she was really getting on his nerves.

“Rose, I have told you I’m almost done. Only about half an hour and the proposal will be done.”

She pouted, then giggled and started chanting again.

“Hickory, dickory, dock,
I want to suck your cock,
When the clock strikes one,
I will be done

Rose folded double with laughter at her own silliness. Her laughter turned to a shriek when Mark grabbed her hair and pulled her with him, back towards the table. With one hand he dragged the chairs away and forced her to get onto the table, still holding onto her hair.
“On your back,” he said.
“Mark, please,” Rose begged, “I’m sorry. Please…”
“Shut up, Rose!,” he snapped. His voice was without mercy.
“Mark, ple…” Rose started to beg again and then screamed as Mark pulled her towards the edge of the table. One hand was still holding onto her hair, the other grabbed her arm. Rose tried to hold onto the table, afraid of falling but she could not get any grip. Mark only stopped when her head hung over the edge of the table.

“You want to suck my cock? Then you will suck my cock.”
As he was talking, he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard member from it. Rose tried to move away, but his hand was still in her hair. The moment he let go, he grabbed her face on both sides and unceremoniously shoved his cock into her mouth just as she wanted to speak again.
“Suck me, Rose. This is what you want, right? So suck me.”
He pumped in and out of her mouth, seemingly oblivious of her struggles.

Rose tried to turn her head away but Mark’s vice grip kept it in place. She gagged and spluttered and moaned. Even though she fought him, this harsh treatment excited her. She had never deep-throated him before and had always wondered what it would be like. She wished he had given her a chance to try this under different circumstances. Breathe, she thought, I should breathe. She managed to breathe and suck Mark at the same time. His cock touched the back of her throat and she fought against the gag reflex. Her struggling lessened, but Mark was still angrily fucking her mouth. She knew she had pushed him too far. She should have left him alone so he could finish his work.

Mark looked down at Rose and noticed that she was not struggling as much anymore. He smiled. Even though he was still fucking her mouth at a hard pace, he was not angry. In fact, while she teased him and sang her silly nursery rhyme, he felt his cock stir and was too distracted to work anyway. He had not stopped to think when he jumped up and grabbed her hair, but just acted. He looked down at her, saw his cock pumping in and out of her mouth, saw how willingly she accepted this harsh treatment. She was not struggling anymore. She was beautiful and sexy. Instinctively he let go of her head, ripped her blouse open and pulled her bra up over her breasts. Mark grabbed her nipples and pulled.

Rose was surprised when he let go of her head, but she had no time or desire at all to consider fighting him off as he ripped her blouse apart and grabbed her nipples. At the same time she felt the intense fire spreading through her nipples as he pulled them up and toward him, she felt the wetness pooling between her legs. Marks high rhythm pumping came to a halt when she screamed in pain and he climaxed deep in her throat. Rose gagged and struggled to swallow some of his ejaculate, but most of it ran from her mouth, over her cheeks and into her hair.

Mark pulled out of her, helped her off the table and pulled her close to his chest. He softly whispered:

“Hickery dickery dock,
thanks for sucking my cock…”

ยฉ Rebel’s Notes

The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday was #nursery rhyme
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  2. I definitely like Rose’s version of the rhyme – I think I’ll be using that in future ๐Ÿ™‚ Great story!

    xx Dee

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