Double the whipping

Master T and I were sitting on the couch, watching the scene unfold in front of us. We did not watch for long when Master T got up and pulled a bench towards the middle of the room.

The bench was just a bit higher than my hips, but I managed to hang over it. I grabbed the beam between the legs of the bench and held onto it. Within seconds I felt the first strike on my exposed ass. I think Master T used the dragon tail on me. Whatever it was, it hurt. I wanted to get up, but I know that if I did, Master T would punish me. Yes, I have learned something over the last couple of months. He does not always tie me down to spank or whip me, but He always increase the lashes if I straighten up to get away from the pain.

After a time that felt both too long and too short, we sat down on the couch again and continued to watch the scene in front of us. My ass was burning some and the towel under it did not really soothe the burning. My mood hovered between relaxing on the couch and yearning for Master T to continue with the whipping.

Minutes later He told me to get back to the bench again. Again I hung over it, standing on my tiptoes and holding on to the middle beam. The whipping started again. It was painful on my already bruised ass. I heard some movement behind me – not Master T though – but even though my mind registered it, I paid no further attention to it. My sore bottom kept my mind occupied. Master T was still whipping me.

It was only after a couple of very painful lashes that I realized that the rhythm had changed. There were two whips. Both masters were whipping me. Master T from the left and Master R from the light. I turned and tried to get away from it, but could not. I was in a huge fight with myself, wanting to get up, but knowing I should not. I fought to stay bent over the bench. Eventually my knees bent and I crouched. The whipping stopped, but I instantly knew that crouching was not what I should be doing. I got up and bent over the bench again. Instantly the whipping continued. I moaned. Involuntarily my hands shot backwards to protect my ass.

“Hands away,” Master R’s strict voice sounded and I instantly pulled my hands back and grabbed the beam again. The whipping continued. I moaned, I writhed and again I could not help to crouch to protect my ass. Master R had the long whip in His hands and He continued to whip my ass, even though I was crouching. Then it stopped. Master T put His hand on my head and told me to sit on the couch. He left the room, but I could not move. I was breathing rapidly and desperately trying to get my racing heart to slow down. As it did, the tears came. I had this intense feeling of wanting to sob, but felt ashamed so I swallowed hard. I could not stop some silent tears from running down my face. It still did when I sat down on the couch.

My healing bottom…

Master R looked at me and smiled.
“Not nice when it comes from two sides, right?”
“No,” I said, “uhh… yes… uh… no, yes, no.”
He laughed.
“There really is no right answer to this.”
I only nodded and continued to try and stop my tears. It only did when Master T returned and took me into His arms. Some time later, my calmness returned.

I felt my bruised bottom when I got into the car for us to return home and I smiled, already looking forward to the next time.

© Rebel’s Notes

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