5th task (The Traveler)

you are to make a video for me
T will set up the camera and then leave you
you are to be wearing street clothes
you are then to very sexily undress in front of the camera
until you are completely naked
then you are to put on stockings and a garter belt
high heels
nipple clamps
and a collar
you are to then seat yourself in a chair in front of the camera
so that I can see every inch of you
you are to look directly into the camera
then you are to tease and wet your pussy using the biggest dildo you have
then insert it and make yourself cum
loud and hard
I want to hear you cum
you are to spend at least twenty minutes playing with your pussy
you are to cum at least 5 times in that time
each time you cum you must be loud and describe in detail what you are feeling
and what you would like me to be doing to you to make those sensations in you

Oh yes, I understood! I understood that I would have to make another video for The Traveler and that this one would be more challenging than the first one. You see, I don’t really like being on video. Master T loves to see moving images of me. I have come to be okay with video where He just records what I am doing. Talking on video and knowing that someone would listen to my words – that scares me. Talking on video about what I would want The Traveler to do to me is even scarier. What if I make a total ass of myself? What if he laughs at me? Oh, I damn well know he won’t, that it’s an irrational fear of mine, but still, knowing this does not make it easier.

I had ten days to perform this task and I postponed it until the very last day – a Sunday. When we do not go out on a Sunday, I just wear easy clothes, but since The Traveler had specifically asked that I should wear street clothes, I took a shower and then got dressed as if I was going to my work: tights, skirt, top, boots, make-up, jewelry. Everything. Master T set the video camera up and then showed me how to stop and start it. He left the room. I sat on the edge of the bed, nervous. Wet. Horny. Nervous. It took a couple of moments before I was ready to start.

I undressed, starting with my boots. I tried to do it as sexy as possible, even though I felt silly and in a way not sexy at all. It was for The Traveler to decide whether I succeeded and did this part according to his instructions. Once I was naked, I switched the cam off and got the stuff ready for the next part: garter belt, stockings, heels, collar and clamps. I dreaded the part where I had to put on the garter belt and stockings as that can sometimes be a hell and I did not want to look stupid in front of the cam. I want it to be sexy. Thankfully it was so very easy to put it on. The garters were fastened in no time. I was so happy with this that I totally forgot to put my shoes on. I remembered the collar and the clamps though and put the shoes on just after I have switched the cam off again.

When the recording was started again I appeared in front of the camera with my biggest dildo and my newest dildo. You see, I had just received an Icicles dildo for testing and I really wanted to use it while making this video. On cam I told The Traveler that I was not going to use my biggest dildo and that if he wanted to punish me for that, I would gladly accept the punishment.

I sat down in the chair and started moving the dildo over my clitoris and towards my opening. I was very wet already and suddenly too horny to wait. I wanted to keep an eye on the time, but I totally forgot about it while I was busy. The toy was brilliant, touching my g-spot and increasing my horniness a thousandfold. I squirted on my first orgasm. And on my second. One of my orgasms were so strong and lasted so long that fluids spurted half a meter from me on the floor. I reached five orgasms and decided to go for ten. On eight of the ten orgasms I squirted, all thanks to the new toy. I had clover clamps on my nipples – clamps I normally hate, but while playing with myself and talking to The Traveler I was so horny that I pulled the clamps and stretched my nipples. I loved it. The pain. I just get like that: horny and wanting to feel pain.

I talked to The Traveler while I was enjoying myself with the dildo. I told The Traveler what I would want him to do to me and sometimes my talking was interrupted by an overwhelming orgasm. After ten orgasms I decided to stop, even though I could have gone on for quite some time still. I thanked The Traveler for the task and then turned the camera off.

M was quite satisfied with the video, but nevertheless he wanted to discuss my deviation from his instructions.

© Rebel’s Notes

6 thoughts on “5th task (The Traveler)

  1. Dear Rebel, what a great story! I can image your shyness in front of the camera and how good it feels to overcome it, to feel free and horny and to orgasm like you did. I also ´act´ a lot in front of the camera and although I know – like you did – that the audience is very limited, it takes some courage to let yourself go. But wow, if you manage to do it anyway, the reward is huge. One question: did you view your picture yourself after completing it? And by the way: I just love that second pic: so ‘brutally’ honest. Kindest regards, Kinquie

    1. I never really like looking at moving images of myself, but sometimes I do. It always makes me feel a bit awkward.

      Thanks for your compliment. Sometimes we do need to be brutally honest about ourselves 🙂

      Rebel xox

  2. Oh a deviation!!! Love to hear/read if there was a punishment for that!!

    Hot story and fabulous stills for that one!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. Thanks for your comment and compliments! I believe there will be a follow-up blog, as I might hear something about a punishment soon or be punished for my deviations…

      Rebel xox

    1. Up to now I have heard nothing about the deviation and I have actually thought that there would be no repercussions. However, just this afternoon I learned that I was wrong…

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