Hotel room decorations

A couple of weeks ago, Master T and I stayed overnight in our favorite hotel room in Rotterdam. It almost felt like ‘coming home’ when we entered the room. Of course, some sexy things were planned too. We wanted to be able to sit outside on the roof terrace (me naked of course) but due to the really shitty summer weather we are having, it was not possible. That of course could not stop us from having some fun. And while we had fun, I ‘discovered’ that the hotel room had some interesting decorations.


DSC_4452a DSC_4455a
DSC_4457a DSC_4462a

(click to enlarge)

Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if some hotel rooms really have decorations like these?
(Thanks to the wonderful ThatPositon for this gift. A review will follow soon!)

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4 thoughts on “Hotel room decorations

    1. Oh I would not have touched them if hotels really decorated their rooms with it, but it would have been fun to look at 🙂

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