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In recent posts, I have posted photos for the first 7 challenges of the 26 by 26 photo project. But, what is this challenge about?

The project aims to stretch its members creatively, encouraging experimentation in terms of approach as well as aesthetics. Community is an important aspect of 26 by 26 and the support of the group can be helpful to spur members on throughout the year.

Fortnightly challenge projects are nothing new for sure but we believe what makes this one unique is the thought-provoking challenges set by a varied range of professional photographers who come from a wide range of photographic disciplines. It’s a chance to gain an insight into how well respected photographers approach their art as often their challenges will be reflective of their own practice.

How it works
1. Every two weeks on a Thursday a challenge is revealed to the Flickr group and on this site.
2. Take photos during those two weeks that interpret the photographer’s challenge.
3. Choose the most successful one and upload it to Flickr.
4. Include the challenge number in the photo title e.g #5 so it’s clear which challenge the photo relates to.
5. Add it to the Flickr group pool by the end of the two week period.

1. The submission must represent new work taken in response to the challenge (no old photos).
2. The challenge number must be included in the photo title or description (e.g. #3 Title).
3. Only one photo submitted per challenge.
4. We only accept photographs into the group pool (no illustration, 3D art, graphic design, etc… see FAQs).
5. It must have been taken by yourself.
6. No nudity.

Of course rule 6 makes it impossible for me to join this project openly, but that does not mean that I cannot participate in my own way. So I follow the prompts, but post photos only on my own blog. Not so long ago Master T and I stayed overnight in our favorite hotel, and there He made the photo for the 8th challenge in this project.

The eight challenge in the 26 by 26 photo project was:

What is happening when you are asleep?
~ Bieke Depoorter

When I sleep, I am naked… and I love to be watched.

© Rebel’s Notes

6 thoughts on “Sleeping challenge

    1. I love the challenges and to see what I can make of it, sometimes with and sometimes without Master T’s help.

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