Product review: Streem Master Premium Shower Douche

A week ago I did a post on preparing for anal sex. As said in the post, I have found a product that fit my needs. That product is the Streem Master Premium Shower Douche that has been sent to me from ThatPosition, in return for this review.
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DSC05419aPackaging & Contents
The Streem Master comes in a big box, with a picture of the Streem Master in use on the front. The back of the box shows a picture of the compact way in which the Streem Master can be stored. Inside the box, you find the following:

  • Bridle clip
  • Silicon funnel bag
  • Drain assembly (attached to the funnel bag)
  • Drain hose (attached to the drain assembly)
  • Douche hose connector
  • Douche hose (you have to attach to the douche hose connector)
  • Control valve
  • Nozzle connector (attached to the douche hose)
  • 2 nozzles (one is a 11.5cm standard fitting nozzle, the other is thinner and 8cm long)
  • Storage bag
  • Instructions

The funnel bag is made of healthcare grade silicon. The hose is made of silicon and the two nozzles are made of seamless, screw-in medical grade polypropylene. The medical grade materials that the douche system is made off ensures maximum safety and improved hygiene.

How does it work?
The Streem Master comes with very clear instructions on how to assemble it. It really is very easy to put together. You unroll the drain hose, then attach a nozzle to the douche hose and attach the douche hose to the douche hose connector. Attaching the douche hose to the douche hose connector is something you only have to do when you use the Streem Master for the first time. Next you attach the bridle clip to the smallest hole at the top of the funnel bag, put the bridle clip over the shower arm and put the other end of the bridle clip through the other hole at the top of the funnel bag. Make sure the shower head is inside the funnel bag. Open the taps and adjust the heat of the water to lukewarm. It will take some time for the correct temperature of the water to get to the nozzle, but once it does you can close the control valve, assume the position you want to be in (squatting, standing, on hands and knees or lying down), insert the nozzle and then slowly open the control valve to allow the water to run into you.

DSC05426aWhen you use a lubricant, do not use any water- or silicon based lubricants. Preferably you should use Vaseline or KY-jelly as it also protects your anal linings and do not wash away with water. You can stop the flow of water anytime you want and excess water in the funnel bag will flow away through the drain hose.

My experience with the toy
I tried this on a Sunday and was very surprised at how easy it is to assemble the Streem Master. Our shower arm is somewhat thicker, which does not allow the bridle clip to slide over the shower arm, but more or less just ‘rest’ on it. While using it the entire funnel bag and bridle clip slipped backwards over the shower arm, startling me, but once I had it in place again, it stayed in place.

I chose to be on my hands and knees. It was very easy to reach the control valve and adjust the flow of water into me. This was a much easier way to clean myself than to bother with the Colt Anal Douche I used before. However, I wanted to see whether water would still be able to run into me when I stand, and guess what? It did. When I felt I could hold no more water, I closed the control valve, closed the taps and extracted the nozzle. I held the water for quite some time before I expelled it.

You can clean the nozzle of the Streem Master by washing it with water and soap. The instructions to clean the rest of the Streem Master are included in the box.

I allowed the water to drip from the Streem Master and once it was dry inside, I rolled it the drain hose and douche hose around it and put everything into the storage bag.

DSC05430aMy opinion of the toy
After having used the Colt anal douche for so long, I am quite impressed by the ease with which the Streem Master can be used. Unlike the Colt anal douche, the Streem Master made me feel entirely clean and I was even still feeling clean and comfortable the day after.

For any of you out there who are looking for an easy way to prepare yourself for anal play, I recommend the Streem Master.

There are some safety issues to take into account when using the Streem Master or when preparing yourself for anal play. Make sure you read these safety instructions.

Where to buy?
You can buy the Streem Master Premium Shower Douche from ThatPosition for GBP 22.95


Many thanks to ThatPosition for giving me the opportunity to test this great product!

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4 thoughts on “Product review: Streem Master Premium Shower Douche

  1. I’m assuming that with this set up, you’re supposed to evacuate in the shower? I think I’ll stick with my enema bucket. Nice that this is silicone though. I use silicone lube on the nozzle as it is plastic and the silicone lube persists in water.

    1. Nope, no evacuation in the shower. We have quite a big bathroom and what you do not see on the photo is that the loo is about a meter away from the shower 🙂

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